Kahar the Great & Kahar the Small

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Tehran, Iran, Asia
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Kahar the Great & Kahar the Small
Created On: Jul 3, 2007
Last Edited On: Nov 22, 2016


Click for Introduction to Central Alborz Mountains.

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Kahar the Great (Kahare Bozorg):
4015 m (13173 ft), 36.117753 North, 51.084663 East

Kahar the Small (Kahare Koochak):
3916 m (12848 ft), 36.117391 North, 51.060283 East

North Slopes(L) Kahar the Great, (R) Kahar the Small

Kahar the GreatKahar the Great
Kahar the SmallKahar the Small
Kahar the Great and Kahar the Small rise to the north of the Karaj River Reservoir in the Central Alborz Mounatains of northern Iran. To the west, a 3790 m saddle separates Kahar the Small from the 4108 m Naz Peak and to the east, a 3230 m saddle connects the Kahar the Great Peak to the 3944 m Vantaar Peak.

The two Kahar peaks along with their neighbor Naz Peak are popular destinations for mountain climbers. These peaks are usually climbed via their southern slopes. The starting point is the village of Kalvan (2200 m). From Kalvan a well-established trail climbs the southeastern ridgeline of Kahar the Great Peak all the way to its summit. A small shelter has been established on the trail at an elevation of 3200 m.

From the summit of Kahar the Great, you will have great views of the high peaks of the Takhte Soleyman Massif rising across the Shah Rood (Taleghan) River Valley, Many other peaks will also be in good view. (Karaj River Reservoir will not be visible).

For the return trip, I highly recommend that you descend the northern slopes to reach the Gateh Deh Village (2300 m). These slopes are much less traveled (no established trail here) and will provide you with spectacular views of Naz and Kahar Peaks as well as those of the high peaks of the Takhte Soleyman Massif (see “Climb South Descend North” Route for more details).
Takhte Soleyman MassifTakhte Soleyman Massif

Getting There

Gateh Deh VillageGateh Deh Village
Kalvan VillageKalvan Village

From downtown Tehran, drive the Karaj Freeway 40 Km west to the town of Karaj and then take the Karaj-Chalus Rd (Route 59) exit north. Drive the Karaj-chalus Rd roughly 40 Km past the tail end of the Karaj Reservoir to the village of Sira. On the left (northwestern) side of the road, you will find a side road that is probably not signed. Drive this road around 10 Km to its end at the village of Kalvan.
Naz from KaharNaz from Kahar

Red Tape

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