Mehrchal & Pirzankoloom

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Mehrchal & Pirzankoloom
Created On: Oct 30, 2010
Last Edited On: Nov 24, 2010


Located to the north of the Lavasanat region and to the east of the Jajrood river from Garmabdar to Lashgarak, Mehrchal massif consists of several high peaks, the highest of which is Mehrchal (3921m). There are 8 peaks higher than 3500m in this region:

1) Mehrchal (3921m)
2) Pirzankoloom (3850m)
3) Sai (3800m)
4) Atashkooh (3720m)
5) Bozhalehchal (3600m)
6) Ham-e-hen (3590)
7) Ashyord (3550m)
8) Rizan (3570m)

MehrchalMehrchal massif from janestoon slopes

View from Abnikpart of Mehrchal massif from Abnik

There are many routes going to the Mehrchal summit. The most popular one is the one starting from the village of Emameh. Another popular route is the one from the village of Garmabdar going through the Sirbandy canyon. We took the route from the village of Zagoon. The elevation of Zagoon is about 2200m, and it takes about 1700m vertical climb to get to the Mehrchal summit. The elevation of Emameh and Garmabdar is higher than Zagoon, and the vertical climb is about 1500m.

The village of ZagoonThe village of Zagoon

The first part of the climb is going through the Hessarak Canyon. At the beginning the canyon has gentle slopes, but it gradually becomes very steep. The route in the steep area is called “Gordeh mahi-e Chehel peech” meaning a steep route with 40 turns.

Chehel peech routeOn the Chehel peech route

As you climb the canyon the view of the Kholeno massif is spectacular.

Kholeno massif Kholeno massif

Zagoon and Laloon

Bacheh-owak spring Bacheh-owak spring

Making tea near the spring Making tea near Bacheh-owak spring

A little after passing the Hessarak Canyon There is a small spring called Bache-owak. It is a good place to take a rest and have some hot tea.

Ham-e-hen Ham-e-hen

Mt. AshyordAshyord

While you are drinking tea you can enjoy the view.

The next destination is Molarsam peak (3200m).
Grazing horsesOn the way to Molarsam peak

Molarsam peakMolarsam peak

Here are the views from Molarsam peak:

Looking W/NWLooking W/NW
Looking northLooking N/NW
Looking NWLooking NW

Looking N/NELooking N/NE

Looking eastLooking E

Looking NELooking NE
Looking SELooking SE
Looking SSELooking SSE

Looking southLooking S

From Molarsam peak it takes about 30 minutes to get to Bozghalehchal peak. From there it takes another 30 minutes to get to Pirzankoloom, and another 30 minutes to get to Mehrchal. Here are some of the views:


Dog laying down on the snowDog laying down on the snow

Mehrchal & PirzankoloomPirzankoloom and Mehrchal

Mehrchal & SaiMehrchal and Sai

Ham-e-hen & TochalHam-e-hen and Tochal

The summit of PirzankoloomSummmit of Pirzankoloom

Kholeno massifKholeno massif


AtashkoohAtashkooh and Rizan

Mehrchal & AtashkoohRizann, Atashkooh, Saka and Mehrchal

Mehrchal On the way to the summit of Mehrchal

Mehrchal summitSummit of Mehrchal

AtashkoohAtashkooh and saka

Sai & TochalSai and Tochal


Getting There

From Northeastern Tehran take the road that takes you to the village of Fasham. From Fasham square take the road to the right, and after about 6Km you will get to the village of Zagoon. Park you car there, and start from Hessarak Canyon.

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