Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 39.64970°N / 105.6914°W
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 12513 ft / 3814 m
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Sugarloaf Peak B - Overview

Sugarloaf Peak B is a seemingly insignificant point among a sea of giants which make up the rest of the Mt. Evans Wilderness area. However, its conical shaped summit may have a tendency to pique the interest of hikers and "peak baggers" who aspire to find some solitude in an area where normally none can be found. Marked as simply "Sugarloaf Peak" on area maps, there is a register located on its tundra strewn summit, yet, at the time of this writing, it had not been replaced in the last 13 years.

There are several likely routes which may be taken to reach the top of Sugarloaf Peak B and by no means is it being suggested that the route described herein would be the most direct or efficient. The peak resides near the edge of a wilderness area which is bordered by private land, so care must be taken in exploring other routes which may or may not cross these lands.

The most obvious route to the summit begins at the Hells Hole trailhead located in the West Chicago Creek drainage, just beyond the campground (directions below). Following this trail a few miles to an apex on a small ridge will yield the first clear views of the cone shaped summit to the southwest. At this point, one can leave the trail and bushwack a B-line for a small rocky hillside which would prevent an otherwise straight walk to the summit. This hillside can be passed on either the right (more forest like growth) or the left (some short rocky scrambling). Once past this minor obstacle, it's a straight slog to the summit. The bushwack required is not difficult by most standards, but a map and compass may be a good idea.

Getting There

The south and east approaches are best reached from the Hells Hole trailhead located just beyond the West Chicago Creek campground. The campground is easily reached in a standard passenger car. From I-70, take the Mt. Evans Road (Rte 103) exit and follow for just over 6 miles toward Mt. Evans. At a sharp bend in the road, turn right on West Chicago Creek Rd and follow to the trailhead.

Sugarloaf Peak B could also be reached by a short but steep and, possibly, rocky climb from Guanella Pass road.

Red Tape

Wilderness regulations apply since the peak resides within the Mt Evans Wilderness boundary. Some nearby roads are marked private and, as the peak is on the edge of the wilderness boundary, there are quite possibly areas close to the peak itself which are privately owned. One should take care to check maps and observe all posted signage.


Camping is possible at both the West Chicago Creek Campground ($13/night) and within the wilderness area that surrounds the peak. Please be sure to observe all posted regulations and warnings and remember to Leave-No-Trace.

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