Veliki Zvoh and Krvavec

Veliki Zvoh and Krvavec

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Location Lat/Lon: 46.30781°N / 14.54006°E
Additional Information Elevation: 6466 ft / 1971 m
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Geographical structure: Eastern Alps > Kamnik Alps group > Krvavec group.

Veliki Zvoh is not located in the main ridge of Kamnik Alps group but in secondary ridge that comes from Grintovec and Kocna over the Kalski Greben in the middle of the Krvavec group from the north side. The Krvavec group is the small group on the south side of the main ridge of Kamnik Alps group and has many nice mountains with the highest mountain Kalski Greben.

Veliki Zvoh (1971m) is the highest peak of the small group on the south side of the Krvavec group. In this group is also the peak that the whole group gets the name. This mountain is Krvavec (1853m). On its summit comes ski lift that belongs to the skiing area named after this peak Krvavec skiing area.

Veliki Zvoh is the highest point of the Krvavec skiing area and when you look from its summit to the nord yu will admire in the beautiful view on all the mountain in the main ridge of Kamnik Alps group, Karavanke / Karawanken group and Julian Alps group. In good conditions you also see the highest mountain in Austria Grossglockner. But when you will check the view to the south you will recognize the difference. Instead of the steep slopes and dwarf pine are now there long grassy slopes and nice meadows that are very popular for hiking in snowless time because in Winter there is the skiing area. This area is in snowless season is very popular for family trips.

Important mountains

Veliki Zvoh (1971m)

Veliki Zvoh is the highest point of this group and also the highest point of the skiing area. It is the main starting point for the long crossing and trips in Kamnik Alps if you start from the Krvavec group. On its slopes are many marked routes and many interesting ravines for climbing and skiing.

Krvavec (1853m)

The summit in the middle of the group with nice grassy slopes on the west and south side and steep slopes on the east side that are falling down in the valley Korosica.

Krzisce (1658m)

The most southern summit of the group and on its summit comes the last skiing lift. It is mountain with very nice view and enjoing grass on its summit. Perfect mountain for family trips!

More photos

Routes overview

A detailed map of Krvavec group.

Veliki Zvoh

South slopes From the low station of the cable car on Krvavec sking area, by the hut Dom na Gospincu and then over the skiing pists to the top.
North colouir From the top of Veliki Zvoh on the NW side down on the meadow Dolga njiva (1688m).
East ravine From the top of Veliki Zvoh on the east side down on the meadow Koren (1675m).
North ravines of the ridge Jez
East ridge From the marked route on the meadow Koren up.


South slopes From the meadow Kriska planina over the south slopes.
West slopes From the low station of the cable car on Krvavec sking area and then over the west slopes to the top.
East slopes From the valley Korosica on the pass Razor (1809m) and then over the north slopes to the top.


NW slopes From the meadow Kriska planina over the skiing pists to the top.

Climbing areas

In Krvavec group there are many good faces for climbing. I have been climbing in many faces, towers...
If you are interested for some more information just aski me!

Getting There

A orientation map of Kamnik Alps - Krvavec group. Huts are: (1) Gom na Gospincu, (2) Koca v Kamniski Bistrici, (3) Koca na Kokrskem sedlu. Kompotela is in the nearness of Kalska Gora and Krvavec.

You have many possibilties from where you start hiking on Veliki Zvoh and Krvavec. The first possibility is from the valley of Kokra, the second is from the skiing area Krvavec, the third is from the second valley Korosica of the main valley Kamniska Bistrica.

For a better overview check the page of Kamnik Alps GROUP.


Kamniske in Savinjske Alpe. Planinska zveza Slovenije, 1:50000
Grintovci. Planinska zveza Slovenije, 1:25000

Sunrises and sunsets

Sunset above Julian Alps after the wild storm.

I decided that I make a speacial section where you can post some beautiful photos of sunrises or sunsets from this area where the view on sunrises and sunsets are amazing and breathtaking!

Flowers and wild animals

With help of my sister we have been taking beautiful photos of flowers every year. I made this section because in this area there are so many nice flowers.

Red Tape

No limitations. But please take care of the nature.

When To Climb

It depends what you want to do in these mountains. If you want to hike is the best possibility in snowless time from May to October. For skiing on the skiing area Krvavec check the page of Skiing area Krvavec. If you want to do some hard skiing descends in the ravines of Veliki Zvoh and Krvavec is the best time from March to April or after the snowing when you will have fresh snow but be careful for avalanches.

Mountain Conditions

Here is the website of skiing area Krvavec where you can find some information.



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