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Jeremy Hakes
Glorious sunrise in Jefferson County, Colorado

Jeremy Hakes

Male, 43 years old

Golden, Colorado, United States

Power = 175 (Vote Weight = 90.19%)

Occupation: Commercial Construction

A Few Words: Enjoying the pleasures of low peaks. Some mighty fine gems may be found below 11,000'.

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Member Since Dec 28, 2006, Last Active: Dec 29, 2017

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My Areas & Ranges (2)
My Mountains & Rocks (21)
Chalk Mountain (Grand Mesa)
Inspiration Point (Front Range)
Mount Bailey (Front Range)
Piñon Hills HP (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Sheeprock (Front Range)
UN 9,870' (The Tarryall)
Cheesman Mountain (Front Range)
Saddleback Mountain (Front Range)
South Noddle Head (Noddle Heads)
North Noddle Head (Noddle Heads)
Dune 8860 (Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve)
Devils Head (Front Range)
Needle Rock (Elk Mountains)
My Routes (12)
My Custom Objects (1)
My Albums (6)
Getting up on Petered Out (Big Rock Candy Mountain)
Braille Trail signage (Beaver Brook Trail)
Geology of Dinosaur Ridge (Dinosaur Ridge)
West Coast Trail, Pacific Rim National Park, B.C. (West Coast Trail, Pacific Rim National Park, B.C.)
My Trip Reports (20)
My Fact Sheets (1)

Climber's Logs I've Signed (316)
Areas & Ranges (3)
Kenosha Mountains (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Noddle Heads (Front Range)
Mountains & Rocks (292)
Lone Mountain (Southern Nevada)
Sugarloaf Mountain (Mountains of Maryland)
Compton Peak (Shenandoah National Park)
Pass Mountain (Shenandoah National Park)
Hogback Mountain (Shenandoah National Park)
Stony Man (Shenandoah National Park)
Hawksbill (Shenandoah National Park)
Santa Fe Mountain (Front Range)
Sugarloaf Peak B (Colorado 12ers)
Pelican Butte (Cascade Volcanoes)
Odell Butte (OR) (Willamette pass area)
Wizard Island Peak (Crater Lake National Park)
The Watchman (Crater Lake National Park)
Mount Scott (Crater Lake National Park)
Flat Top Mountain (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Lookout Peak (Black Hills SD)
Crow Peak (Black Hills SD)
Custer Peak (Black Hills SD)
Boulder Hill (Black Hills SD)
Cement Ridge Lookout (Black Hills SD)
Lincoln Mountain (Pikes Peak Region)
Cheesman Mountain (Front Range)
The Citadel (Front Range)
Rosalie Peak (Front Range)
Mount Pisgah (Front Range)
Topaz Mountain (Colorado 11ers)
Griffith Mountain (Front Range)
Captain Mountain (Front Range)
Lily Mountain (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Walton Peak (Gore Range)
Rabbit Ears Peak (5th Class Colorado Peaks)
Saddle Mountain (Elkhead Mountains)
Mount Ellen (UT) (Utah County Highpoints)
Mount Garfield (Book Cliffs)
Mount Morrison (Front Range)
Alpine Peak (Front Range)
UN 10190 (The Tarryall)
Mount Lamborn (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Austin Bluffs (Pikes Peak Region)
Devils Nose (Front Range)
Mount Coolidge (Black Hills SD)
Schoolmarm Mountain (Colorado 11ers)
Almagre Mountain (Front Range)
Mount Sniktau (Front Range)
Mount Judge (Front Range)
Rankin Ridge (Black Hills SD)
Hicks Mountain (Front Range)
Square Top Mountain (Front Range)
Crooks Tower (Black Hills SD)
Bear Butte (Black Hills SD)
Mount Theodore Roosevelt (Black Hills SD)
Little Devils Tower (Black Hills SD)
Bear Mountain (Black Hills SD)
Odakota Mountain (Black Hills SD)
Sylvan Peak (Black Hills SD)
Chalk Mountain (Grand Mesa)
Battle Mountain (Black Hills SD)
Orno Peak (Flat Tops)
Argentine Peak (Front Range)
Mount Wilcox (Front Range)
Columbia Mountain (Front Range)
McClellan Mountain (Front Range)
Mount Spalding (Front Range)
Inspiration Point (Front Range)
Mount Bailey (Front Range)
Sugarloaf Mountain (Mosquito Range)
Sugarloaf Mountain D (Sweet Mountains: The Sugarloaves of SummitPost)
UN 9380 (The Tarryall)
Baker Mountain (The Tarryall)
UN 9111 (The Tarryall)
China Wall (The Tarryall)
Tappan Mountain (The Tarryall)
UN 8906 (The Tarryall)
Knights Peak (Pikes Peak Region)
McKinley Peak (Pikes Peak Region)
Piñon Hills HP (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Snowmass Mountain (Colorado 14ers)
Blanca Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Wilson (Colorado 14ers)
Wilson Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Ellingwood Point (Colorado 14ers)
Heartbeat Peak (Colorado 12ers)
Mount Epworth (Front Range)
Radiobeacon Mountain (Front Range)
El Diente (Colorado 14ers)
Culebra Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Fletcher Mountain (Tenmile Range)
Sunshine Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Redcloud Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Edwards (Front Range)
San Luis Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Lenawee Mountain (Front Range)
The Fatiron (The Flatirons - Boulder, CO)
Cathedral Spires (5th Class Colorado Peaks)
Jefferson Hill (Front Range)
Mount Lindsey (Colorado 14ers)
Meaden Peak West (Elkhead Mountains)
Sand Mountain (Elkhead Mountains)
West Spanish Peak (Sangre de Cristo Mountains)
North Twin Cone Peak (Lost Creek Wilderness)
Little Bear Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Handies Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Huron Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Crestone Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Oxford (Colorado 14ers)
Pyramid Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Silverheels (Front Range)
Humboldt Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Columbia (Colorado 14ers)
Sheeprock (Front Range)
Mount Yale (Colorado 14ers)
Crestone Needle (Colorado 14ers)
Uncompahgre Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Elbert (Colorado 14ers)
Challenger Point (Colorado 14ers)
"Tick Dome" (5th Class Colorado Peaks)
Dinosaur Ridge (Front Range)
Mount Rosa (Front Range)
James Peak & St. Mary's Glacier (Indian Peaks (CO))
South Maroon Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Rogers Peak (Front Range)
Cronin Peak (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
McNamee Peak (Mosquito Range)
Traver Peak (Mosquito Range)
Gemini Peak (Mosquito Range)
Mount Falcon (Front Range)
San Luis Peak (Pikes Peak Region)
Vigil Peak (Pikes Peak Region)
Kaufman Ridge North (Mosquito Range)
Second Flatiron (Boulder Range)
Bill Couch Mountain (Front Range)
Alps Mountain (Front Range)
Tremont Mountain (Front Range)
Montana Mountain (Front Range)
Thunder Butte (Front Range)
Rattlesnake Butte (Pikes Peak Region)
Spruce Mountain (Pikes Peak Region)
Pulpit Rock (Pikes Peak Region)
Sugarloaf Mountain (Colorado) (Pikes Peak Region)
UN 12100 "Kenosha Peak" (Kenosha Mountains)
Panorama Point (U.S. State Highpoints)
Mount Meeker (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Raleigh Peak (Front Range)
Goliath Peak (Front Range)
Cedar Mountain (Pikes Peak Region)
UN 9620 (Pikes Peak Region)
Mount Sneffels (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Flora (Front Range)
Conundrum Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Ormes Peak (Pikes Peak Region)
South Boulder Peak (Boulder Range)
Eagle Rock (Front Range)
Plymouth Mountain (Front Range)
Little Scraggy Peak (Front Range)
Mount Zion (Golden) (Front Range)
Eldorado Mountain (Boulder Range)
Genesee Mountain (Front Range)
Windom Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Sunlight Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Eolus (Colorado 14ers)
Carpenter Peak (Front Range)
Mount Sanitas (Boulder Range)
Wetterhorn Peak (Colorado) (Colorado 14ers)
Capitol Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Warren (Front Range)
Colorado Mines Peak (Front Range)
Estes Cone (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Bear Peak (Boulder Range)
Green Mountain (Boulder Range)
Flagstaff Mountain (Boulder Range)
Greyrock Mountain (Front Range)
Stanley Mountain (Front Range)
Bergen Peak (Front Range)
Eagle Cliff Mountain (Rocky Mountain National Park)
High Dune (Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve)
Crater Peak (Grand Mesa)
Thorodin Mountain (Front Range)
Mount Tom (John Muir Wilderness)
Shirttail Peak (Boulder Range)
Mount Harvard (Colorado 14ers)
Tabeguache Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Massive (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Princeton (Colorado 14ers)
Missouri Mountain (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Antero (Colorado 14ers)
Holy Cross, Mount of the (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Cameron (Colorado 14ers)
Montezuma's Tower (Garden of the Gods)
UN 13070 "Devils Playground" (Pikes Peak Region)
Warrior Mountain (Colorado 11ers)
Squaw Mountain (Front Range)
Papoose Mountain (Front Range)
Chief Mountain (Front Range)
Twin Sisters Peaks (Rocky Mountain National Park)
Mount Bross (Colorado 14ers)
La Plata Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Lincoln (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Sherman (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Belford (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Democrat (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Cutler (Pikes Peak Region)
Mount Shavano (Colorado 14ers)
Grays Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Torreys Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Quandary Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Galbraith (Front Range)
Mount Glennon (Front Range)
Evergreen Mountain (Front Range)
Legault Mountain (Front Range)
Goat Mountain (Front Range)
Longs Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Muscoco Mountain (Front Range)
Hackett Mountain (Pikes Peak Region)
Castle Rock (Mosquito Range)
Limestone Ridge (Mosquito Range)
Midland Hill (Mosquito Range)
Pikes Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Blue Mountain (Front Range)
Nebel Horn (Boulder Range)
Cerro Pedernal (New Mexico 1k Prominence Peaks)
Wheeler Peak (NM) (Sangre de Cristo Mountains)
UN 11,060 (Colorado 11ers)
North Tarryall Peak (Colorado 11ers)
Democrat Mountain (Front Range)
Bard Peak (Front Range)
Farnum Peak (Colorado 11ers)
UN 11449 "Little Puma" (Colorado 11ers)
UN 11570 "Puma Peak" (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Capulin Volcano (New Mexico 1k Prominence Peaks)
Greenhorn Mountain (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Nipple Peak (Elkhead Mountains)
Bull Hill (Sawatch Range)
Black Mountain (Elkhead Mountains)
Bears Ears (Elkhead Mountains)
Parkview Mountain (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Elephant Butte (Front Range)
Black Elk Peak / Harney Peak (U.S. State Highpoints)
Fort Reno ("Point Reno") - DC (USA County Highpoints)
South Table Mountain (Front Range)
UN 9660 "Notch Mountain" (Pikes Peak Region)
"McReynolds Peak" (Pikes Peak Region)
Landsend Peak (Elk Mountains)
UN 9,870' (The Tarryall)
Observatory Rock (Lost Creek Wilderness)
UN 9895 (The Tarryall)
UN 9928 (The Tarryall)
"Windy Peak" (Front Range)
Mount Deception (Pikes Peak Region)
Blodgett Peak (Front Range)
Eagles Peak (Pikes Peak Region)
Saddleback Mountain (Front Range)
South Noddle Head (Noddle Heads)
Sundance Mountain B (Pikes Peak Region)
North Noddle Head (Noddle Heads)
North Table Mountain (Front Range)
Signal Butte (Front Range)
Dune 8860 (Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve)
Devils Head (Front Range)
Buffalo Peak & "The Wigwam" (Colorado 11ers)
Mount Parnassus (Front Range)
Mount Herman (Front Range)
Dickers Peck (Navajo Peak)
The Castle (5th Class Colorado Peaks)
Castle Rock (Front Range)
Castle Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Long Scraggy Peak (Front Range)
Gray Wolf Mountain (Front Range)
Mount Bierstadt (Colorado 14ers)
Mount Evans (Colorado 14ers)
Bison Peak (Colorado's Most Prominent Peaks)
Needle Rock (Elk Mountains)
Routes (21)
Mandall Pass (Orno Peak)
Geneva Mountain (Geneva Mountain)
Angel of Shavano (Mount Shavano)
Frosty Park (std) (Mount Rosa)
Northwest Slopes (Sugarloaf Mountain D)
East Face (The Flatirons - Boulder, CO)
Loft Route (Mount Meeker)
First Flatiron - North Arête (The Flatirons - Boulder, CO)
Third Flatiron - Standard East Face (The Flatirons - Boulder, CO)
Seal Rock - East Face (5.4) (The Flatirons - Boulder, CO)
North Face (Raleigh Peak)
West Face, LSP (Long Scraggy Peak)
North Ridge (Long Scraggy Peak)
Southwest Ridge (Eagle Rock)
Southeast Summit (The Castle)

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