Missouri Buttes

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Missouri Buttes
Created On: Sep 28, 2012
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Devils Tower and the Missouri Buttes
Devils Tower(left) and the Missouri Buttes(right)

The Missouri Buttes are located 3.5 miles northwest of Devils Tower. While they are taller than Devils Tower, the Missouri Buttes are much less sheer and thus, recieve little attention. The Missouri Buttes consist of four separate summits which rise from an eroded mesa. They are composed of igneous phenolite, the same type of rock that Devils Tower is made of. It is a slick form of volcanic rock that forms into columns as it erodes, with the outer layers peeling off almost like an onion.

The Missouri Buttes, seen from the top of Devils Tower
The four Missouri Buttes, seen from the top of Devils Tower

The Northwest Butte is the highest point of the Missouri Buttes, clocking in at 5,374 feet (1,638 m). The Northeast Butte has an elevation of 5,212 feet (1,589 m), the southwest butte has an elevation of 5,020 feet (1,530 m) and the southeast butte has an elevation of 5,055 feet (1,541 m). 

Getting There

From Moorcroft, head north for about 60 miles to Devils Tower Junction. From Devils Tower Junction drive towards Hulett for a couple miles. Make a left when you see a large sign for a ranch and a lake. Contunue down a dirt road past ranches for a few more miles. Take a left at the first major junction. You should be able to see the Buttes on your left after breifly gaining some elevation. The Northwest Butte(the tallest of the buttes) is plainly distinguishable.

Red Dirt
The road near Devils Tower Junction
Not your ordinary hills-Devils Tower
Devils Tower National Monument

Sea of prairie
Looking back down the dirt road to the Missouri Buttes.
The Missouri Buttes from the road
The Missouri Buttes from the road.

The Tallest of the Missouri Buttes
The Northwest Missouri Butte, tallest of the Missouri Buttes


Climbing the tallest Missouri Butte
Steep cliffs at the top of the Northwest Missouri Butte

One can reach the top by walking up some easy terrain, followed by 3rd/4th class scrambling to the top. Dependeing on which way you scramble to the top, the route can become moderatly exposed. At the top you will catch spectacular views of Devils Tower and the surrounding prairie. There is also an old radio tower up there, along with a USGS marker. 

The old raidio tower on top of the Missouri Butte
The radio tower on the top
The top of the cliffs on the Northwest Missouri Butte
Looking down at the road from the summit of the Northwest butte.

Devils Tower from above
Devils Tower seen from the top of the Northwest Missouri Butte

USGS Marker on top of the Northwest Missouri Butte
The USGS marker on top of the Northwest Missouri Butte

 View of the prairie from the top of the Northwest Missouri Butte. You can see for miles in any direction from the summit.

Missouri Buttes

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