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DURMITOR - on Savin Kuk (2313 m). Behind - Bobotov Kuk (2523 m) and Bezimeni Vrh (2487 m)


Male, 47 years old

Belgrade, Serbia

Power = 790 (Vote Weight = 95.44%)

Occupation: M. Sc. of Economy

A Few Words:
Hi! My name is Vlado Vujisic. Living in Belgrade, capital of Serbia.

Generally, i am dedicated in description of the mountains of Montenegro, which are my great love and inspiration. Among many mountains, DURMITOR is closest to my heart. I like it because of it's devine and powerfull name, many diversities - peaks, valleys, lakes, glaciers, river canyons, grassy vasty plateaus and natural country/makadam roads. All these things on just one relatively small place!

My photos of DURMITOR
Bezimeni VrhDurmitorBobotov KukCrno JezeroEastern DurmitorBobotov KukSouthern Durmitor Skrcko JezeroPlaninica summitSkrcka Jezera from PrutasSoa Nebeska wallDurmitor roadsSkrka Lakes ValleyDurmitor flowers Saddle of GodsSkrka Lakes ValleyValoviti DoTara CanyonCrvena GredaMedjedSamar Pass Bezimeni Vrh&Bobotov KukSkrka LakesVrazje JezeroSoa Nebeska wallAlisnica ValleyDurmitor massifSkrka Lakes from Planinica PrutasDurmitor landscapeDebeli Namet GlacierAlisnica ValleyCrno Jezero (Black Lake)DurmitorSkrka Lakes Valley

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My Images
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My Areas & Ranges (27)
Tara National Park (Dinaric Alps)
Lovćen National Park (Dinaric Alps)
Žijovo - Kučke Planine (Dinaric Alps)
Maganik (Dinaric Alps)
Trnovački Durmitor (Maglić / Bioč / Volujak / Trnovački Durmitor / Vlasulja)
Volujak (Maglić / Bioč / Volujak / Trnovački Durmitor / Vlasulja)
Bioč (Maglić / Bioč / Volujak / Trnovački Durmitor / Vlasulja)
Rumija (Dinaric Alps)
Hajla (Prokletije)
Stara Planina (Stara Planina (Balkana))
Sinjajevina (Dinaric Alps)
Bjelasica (Dinaric Alps)
Zlatibor (Dinaric Alps)
Komovi (Dinaric Alps)
Prokletije (Dinaric Alps)
Durmitor (Dinaric Alps)
Prenj (Dinaric Alps)
My Mountains & Rocks (84)
Veliki Štuoc (Durmitor)
Glave (Durmitor)
Počki Vrh (Moračke Planine - Moraca Mountains)
Trešteni Vrh (Maganik)
Kokotov Vrh (Maganik)
Petrov Vrh (Maganik)
Babini Zubovi (Maganik)
Međeđi Vrh (Maganik)
Lukanje Čelo (Moračke Planine - Moraca Mountains)
Stožac (Moračke Planine - Moraca Mountains)
Lola (Moračke Planine - Moraca Mountains)
Žurimi (Moračke Planine - Moraca Mountains)
Kapa Moračka (Moračke Planine - Moraca Mountains)
Maja Shkurt (Prokletije)
Vitlovi (Bioč)
Srednji Kom (Komovi)
Suvovrh (Komovi)
Pivska Planinica (Durmitor)
Krecmani (Durmitor)
Raklje (Durmitor)
Milošev Tok (Durmitor)
Maglić (Maglić / Bioč / Volujak / Trnovački Durmitor / Vlasulja)
Trem (Suva Planina)
Maja Radohines (Prokletije)
Maja Kokervhake (Prokletije)
Maja Bojs (Prokletije)
Boljska Greda (Durmitor)
Pančićev Vrh (Kopaonik)
Stožina (Durmitor)
Ranisava (Durmitor)
Forca (Fortit) (Prokletije)
Maja Gruk e Hapt (Prokletije)
Maja Briaset (Prokletije)
Tali (Moračke Planine - Moraca Mountains)
Gruda (Durmitor)
Gradiste (Sinjajevina)
Stolovi (Sinjajevina)
Jablanov Vrh (Sinjajevina)
Babji Zub (Torna) (Sinjajevina)
Trojan (Prokletije)
Maja Malisores (Prokletije)
Maja Popluks (Prokletije)
Maja Vukoces (Prokletije)
Uvita Greda (Durmitor)
Čigota (Zlatibor)
Karanfil Ljuljasevica (Prokletije)
Vojusa (Vojusit) (Prokletije)
Štavna Flagged as needing updates (Komovi)
Bavan (Komovi)
Rogamski Vrh Flagged as needing updates (Komovi)
Ljevorijecki Kom (Komovi)
Vasojevicki Kom (Komovi)
Kucki Kom (Komovi)
Mali Vrh (Mangart and Jalovec Group)
Midžor (Stara Planina)
Sedlena Greda (Durmitor)
Zupci (Durmitor)
Čvorov Bogaz (Durmitor)
Popadija (Prokletije)
Volusnica (Prokletije)
Očnjak (Prokletije)
Musala (Rila)
Kolac (Kolata) (Prokletije)
Rosni Vrh (Maja Rosit) (Prokletije)
Lučin Vrh (Durmitor)
Obla Glava (Durmitor)
Todorka (Pirin)
Kutelo (Pirin)
Vihren (Pirin)
Velika Rbatina (Durmitor)
Crvena Greda (Durmitor)
Bandijerna (Durmitor)
Đevojka (Soa) (Durmitor)
Karanfili (Prokletije)
Prutaš (Durmitor)
Savin Kuk (Durmitor)
Medjed (Durmitor)
Šljeme (Durmitor)
Planinica (Durmitor)
Terzin Bogaz (Durmitor)
Minin Bogaz (Durmitor)
Bezimeni Vrh (Durmitor)
Mangart (Mangart and Jalovec Group)
My Routes (6)
Urdeni Do - Mliječni Do approach (Šareni Pasovi (Štit))
Classical Route (Popadija)
Classical Route (Volusnica)
Classical Approach (Očnjak)
Classical Route (Kolac (Kolata))
Classical Route (Rosni Vrh (Maja Rosit))
My Huts & Campgrounds (1)
My Canyons (6)
Morača Canyon (Moračke Planine - Moraca Mountains)
Komarnica Canyon (Durmitor)
Sušica Canyon (Durmitor)
Piva Canyon (Durmitor)
Mrtvica Canyon (Moračke Planine - Moraca Mountains)
Tara Canyon (Durmitor)
My Albums (6)
Bobotov Kuk (Durmitor)
Durmitor Lakes (Durmitor)
Durmitor Winter (Durmitor)
Prokletije Landscapes (Prokletije)
Durmitor Summer (Durmitor)

Climber's Logs I've Signed (15)
Areas & Ranges (1)
Durmitor (Dinaric Alps)
Mountains & Rocks (14)
Mangart (Mangart and Jalovec Group)
Bobotov Kuk (Durmitor)
Kucki Kom (Komovi)
Štavna (Komovi)
Vasojevicki Kom (Komovi)
Todorka (Pirin)
Volusnica (Prokletije)
Mali Vrh (Mangart and Jalovec Group)
Savin Kuk (Durmitor)
Prutaš (Durmitor)
Minin Bogaz (Durmitor)
Planinica (Durmitor)
Kutelo (Pirin)
Vihren (Pirin)

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