Moab Desert Tower Climbs

Page Type Page Type: Area/Range
Location Lat/Lon: 38.65140°N / 109.3675°W
Activities Activities: Mountaineering, Trad Climbing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
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Jah Man, 5.10c

Clickable Map + List below in approximate order from West to East


Canyonlands National Park

Washer Woman

In Search of Suds, 5.10+, 5 Pitches

Washer Woman and Monster Tower


Primrose Dihedrals, 5.11d, 7 Pitches


Dunn Route, 5.11, 6 Pitches

Route Overlay for Dunn Route on Moses

Lost World Butte

The Road Not Taken, 5.10, 4 Pitches

4th Pitch, 5.10Dow leading the Crux on the Crux Pitch, 5.10

North Six Shooter

Lightning Bolt Cracks, 5.11a, 3 Pitches

North Six Shooter

South Six-Shooter

South Face, 5.6, 3 Pitches

South Six Shooter

Looking Glass Rock

Looking Glass, 5.7, 3 Pitches

Looking Glass Rock Climb


Reign Of Terror, 5.9 C1, 2 Pitches

Reign Of Terror

Devil's Golf Ball, A0

Devil s Golf Ball


Window Route, 5.9, C1, 4 Pitches

Echo Pinnacle

Arches National Park

Three Penguins

Right Chimney, 5.10c, 2 Pitches

Right Chimney, 5.10c

Three Gossips

West Face, 5.10, C1, 3 Pitches

Three Gossips
Start of the Crux Pitch

Be There or Be Talked About, 5.9 C1, 3 Pitches

Three Gossips

Argon Tower

West face, 5.9+ C1, 4 Pitches

Approximate line of West Face...



Sheep Rock

Virgin Wool, 5.10a C2+, 5 Pitches

Sheep Rock

Tower of Babel

Zenyatta Entrada, 5.9 C3, 6 Pitches

Zenyatta Entrada

Owl Rock

Olevsky Route, 5.8, 2 Pitches

Owl Rock

Tonka Tower

West Face, 5.8 A0, 2 Pitches

Tonka Tower

Off Balance Rock

NE Chimney, 5.7, 2 Pitches

Off Balanced Rock
Dow Leading Off Balanced Rock

Marching Men

North Marcher, 5.10+, 2 Pitches

North Marcher, 5.10+
North Marcher, 5.10+

Dark Angel

West Face, 5.9 A0, 2 Pitches

Dark Angel, 5.10, 2 Pitches
1st Pitch

El Segundo, 5.9+, 2 Pitches

Route Overlay El Segundo

River Road Crags and Towers

Molar Tower, 5.8+


Sorcerer’s Apprentice Right, 5.11, 3 Pitches

Sorcerer’s Apprentice Right, 5.11-
 2nd Pitch- 40m- 5.10+

Lighthouse Tower

Lonely Vigil, 5.10a, 4 Pitches

Lonely Vigil, 5.10a
2nd Pitch Stem Box

Poseidon Adventure, 5.10, 5 Pitches

Poseidon Adventure, 5.10
Dow Leading the Flaring off-width

Dolomite Spire

Kor Route, 5.8 C2, 4 Pitches

Kor Route
2nd Pitch


Terma, 5.9, 3 Pitches

1st Pitch
1st Pitch

Spear of Destiny

Spear of Destiny, 5.9
Dow Leading Spear of Destiny


Qebehsenuef, 5.8+ PG13

Castle Valley Towers

Parriott Mesa

Super Natural, 5.10, 4 Pitches

1st Pitch, 5.101st Pitch, 5.10

Castleton Tower

North Face, 5.11, 3 Pitches

North Face, 5.11
1st Pitch

North Chimney, 5.8+, 4 Pitches

Castleton Tower North Chimney Route Overlay

Kor Ingalls, 5.9+, 4 Pitches

Kor-Ingalls, 5.9+
Dow Leading the Crux Pitch


Fine Jade, 5.11a, 4 Pitches


Crack Wars, 5.11, 4 Pitches

Crack Wars, 5.11


Honeymoon Chimney, 5.11, 4 Pitches

Honeymoon Chimney, 5.11b
1st Pitch

Sister Superior

Jah Man, 5.10c, 5 Pitches

Jah Man, 5.10c
3rd Pitch

Fisher-Onion Towers


Maverick, 5.8 C2, 4 Pitches

Maverick Route

Ancient Art

Stolen Chimney, 5.10+, 4 Pitches

Ancient Art
Dow Leading the last pitch

Cobra, 5.11R

Nearing the Only Fixed Piton


NE Ridge, 5.8 C2, 6 Pitches

Northeast Ridge

Lizard Rock, 5.8R

Lizard Rock
Lizard Rock 

River Tower

North Face, 5.8 C2, 3 Pitches


Top of the World Overlook

Cooler Than Jesus, 5.10, 3 Pitches

Route Overlay for Cooler than Jesus, Top of the World Overlook