City of Rocks and Castle Rocks

City of Rocks and Castle Rocks

Page Type Page Type: Area/Range
Location Lat/Lon: 42.07837°N / 113.70395°W
Additional Information Elevation: 6500 ft / 1981 m
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Formations Listed West to East, Click on Mountains and Rocks to the left to get the Alphabetized Order

City of Rocks

Class Crack on Bracksiecks Pillar Yielding Urioste Smiles!

Needle Rock

Needle Rock

Dow on the summit above the North Face

Yellow Wall

Yellow Wall, 5.9

Dow leading Yellow Wall, 5.9

White Lightning

White Lightning, 5.10a

Dow leading White Lightning, 5.10a

Skinner's Roof

Margarine Fingers, 5.9

Dow Leading Margarine Fingers, 5.9

North Twin Sister

Balcony Route, 5.10, 3 Pitches

Balcony Route, 5.10, 3 Pitches

BLM Rock, West Corridor

BLM Crack, 5.9

Dow leading BLM Crack

Eagle Rock

Eagle Crack, 5.10a

Dow leading Eagle Crack, 5.10a

Elephant Rock


Rye Crisp

Danny Urioste on Rye Crisp


Checkered Demon

Dow leading Captain Pissgums, 5.10c***
Dow leading Captain Pissgums, 5.10c***

Bath Rock


Unnamed Image

Dow leading Colossus, 5.10c

Upper and Lower Creekside

Dire Straights, 5.9 (sic)

Dow leading Dire Straights(sic), 5.9


Holding Out for a Hero, 5.10a

Dow leading Holding Out for a Hero, 5.10a

Morning Gloring Spire

Crack of Dung, 5.10a

Dow leading Crack of Dung, 5.10a

Parking Lot Rock

Parking Lot Rock



Rabbit Rock North

Roadkill- 5.10b

Jorge Urioste on Roadkill

Rabbit Rock South

South Face

Animal Cracker

Animal Cracker, 5.10a

Joanne Urioste Climbing Animal Cracker 

King on the Throne

Double Cracks, 5.10a

Dow leading Double Cracks, 5.10a

Owl Rock

Owl Roof, 5.10d*
Dow leading Owl Roof, 5.10d*

Super Hits/Bloody Fingers Wall

Bloody Fingers, 5.10a

Bloody Fingers

Upper Breadloaves North

Interceptor, 5.11a

Dow leading Interceptor, 5.11a

Breadloaves, Decadent Wall


Jorge Urioste, Bestiality,5.9

The Mall

Masochistic Opposite, 5.10*

Danny Urioste leading Masochistic Opposite, 5.10*

Finger Rock

Outland, 5.10b**

Dow leading Outland, 5.10b


Godstopper, 5.10a

Dow leading Godstopper, 5.10a

Slabbage Patch 

I Can't Believe It, 5.10a***
Dow Leading I Can't Believe It, 5.10a***

Bumblie Wall

Bumblie Wall
Bumblie Wall

Transformer Corridor

Vibrator, 5.10d**
Dow leading Vibrator, 5.10d**

Flaming Rock

Tribal Boundaries, 5.10-****
Tribal Boundaries, 5.10-****

Fiesta Spire

Fiesta, 5.10b***
Dow leading Fiesta, 5.10b***

Great Wall


Three Star Corner- 5.10a
Jorge Urioste climbing 3-Star Corner

Lost Arrow Spire

Original Route, 5.7***

Jorge Urioste climbing Original Route, 5.7***

No Start Wall

Vertical Turtle, 5.9***

Dow leading Vertical Turtle, 5.9***

Mushroom Rock

North Face Right, 5.9**

Dow Leading North Face Right, 5.9**


Joanne Urioste 2nding the 2nd Pitch of Boxtop Traverse, 5.9***


Half Moon, 5.10d**
Dow leading Half Moon, 5.10d**

Stripe Rock

Stripe Rock


Bucket Land

Building Blocks

Building Blocks
Building Blocks


Lion's Head

Lion of Judah, 5.10c**
Lion of Judah, 5.10c**



Geowatt Left, 5.10a**
Geowatt Left, 5.10a**

Eviction Crag

Dow leading Eviction, 5.10c***
Dow leading Eviction, 5.10c***

Steinfell's Dome and Jackson's Thumb

Steinfell s Dome and Jackson s Thumb

Theater of Shadows on the left, Sinocranium on the right

Castle Rock West

Jorge Urioste

Jorge Urioste Living Large

Castle Rock (Shock) Buttress

Olympus Wrecks or Advance to Idaho 2nd pitch, 5.10

Olympus Wrecks, 5.11c



Johnny Cash

Baby Beef, 5.8**

Baby Beef, 5.8**

Crimson Arete

Deadwood, 5.9

Deadwood, 5.9


Crack House Wall

Poultry Pillar

Poultry Pillar

To Have and To Hold left, Opuntia right

Tiny Town

Tiny Town Pillar, 5.10a

Dow Leading Tiny Town Pillar, 5.10a


Huff n Puff, 5.10c

Dow leading Huff n Puff, 5.10c

The Foil

It s Always Saturday, 5.9+

Dow leading It's Always Saturday, 5.9+

True Grit

True Grit, 5.10a ***

Dow leading True Grit, 5.10a***

The Duke

Let r Buck, 5.10b**

Dow leading Let'r Buck, 5.10b**

Bracksiek's Pillar

Dow leading Eye Gear Sanction, 5.10b**
Dow leading Eye Gear Sanction, 5.10b**

Sailor Wall

Sirens of Almo, Handsome Sailor Boy, Ancient Mariner and Nicely, Nicely
Sirens of Almo, Handsome Sailor Boy, Ancient Mariner and Nicely, Nicely

Comp Wall

Shop and Compare, 5.10a

Dow leading Shop and Compare, 5.10a

The Taco

Bandito, 5.11a**

Dow leading Bandito, 5.11a**

Eagle Grove

Piglet Tip Toes, 5.9

Dow leading Heal Thyself, 5.11a***

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