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Male, 39 years old

Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

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Occupation: Unemployed Historian/ Mountain guide (Brazil/ Argentina)

Website: http://www.gentedemontanha.com

A Few Words: Just some dude trying to fight Leukemia. The war is almost finished, and I'm afraid I'm the one falling at the field...

Freedom at the mountains!

SPers I know, walked with, hiked with, climbed with: PEDRO HAUCK; FLÁVIO VARRICCHIO; INDAY; BORISS ANDEAN; Bea; Cissa

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My Areas & Ranges (10)
My Mountains & Rocks (88)
Cristal Peak of Itatiaia (Itatiaia National Park)
Falso Tesourinho Peak (Caparaó National Park)
Point 2535 (Itatiaia National Park)
Melano Peak (Serra Fina range)
Point 2667 (Serra Fina range)
Alto dos Ivos Peak (Serra Fina range)
Capim Amarelo Peak (Serra Fina range)
Cabeça de Leoa Peak (Itatiaia National Park)
Altarzinho Peak (Itatiaia National Park)
Itaguare Peak (Marins - Itaguaré Group)
Tesourinho Peak (Caparaó National Park)
Tesouro Peak (Caparaó National Park)
Marinsinho Peak (Marins - Itaguaré Group)
Chiliques volcano (Cordillera Occidental (Chile / Bolivia))
Cara de Gorila Peak (Itatiaia National Park)
Camelos Peak (Ibitiraquire Sierra)
Marombinha Peak (Itatiaia National Park)
Luar Peak (Ibitiraquire Sierra)
Cerro Verde (Ibitiraquire Sierra)
Itapiroca Peak (Ibitiraquire Sierra)
Platô (plateau) of Monte Verde (Monte Verde Village and Sierra)
Ibitirati Peak (Ibitiraquire Sierra)
Juriques volcano (Cordillera Occidental (Chile / Bolivia))
Três Pedras Peak (Monte Verde Village and Sierra)
Pedra Roxa Peak (Caparaó National Park)
Cabeça de Leão Peak (Itatiaia National Park)
Maromba Peak (Itatiaia National Park)
Serra Negra Peak (Itatiaia National Park)
Urubu Peak (Itatiaia) (Itatiaia National Park)
Pedra Redonda (Brazilian Half Dome) (Monte Verde Village and Sierra)
Chapéu do Bispo peak (Monte Verde Village and Sierra)
Pedra Partida (Monte Verde Village and Sierra)
Selado Peak (Monte Verde Village and Sierra)
Morro do Tartarugão (Serra Fina range)
Três Estados Peak (Serra Fina range)
Neblina Peak (Guiana Highlands)
Cruz do Negro Peak (Caparaó National Park)
Cupim do Boi Peak (Serra Fina range)
Cabeça de Touro Peak (Serra Fina range)
Morro da Antena (Itatiaia National Park)
Massena Northwest Peak (Itatiaia National Park)
Massena Peak (Itatiaia National Park)
Asa da Hermes rock (Itatiaia National Park)
Unnamed Peak 1 (Itatiaia National Park)
Pedra Assentada (Itatiaia National Park)
Ciririca Peak (Ibitiraquire Sierra)
Tucum Peak (Giants of Ibitiraquire)
Camapuan (aka Camapuã) Peak (Giants of Ibitiraquire)
Taipabuçú Peak (Giants of Ibitiraquire)
San Pablo volcano (Chile) (Andes 6000m Peaks)
Ferraria Peak (Giants of Ibitiraquire)
Chacaltaya peak (Cordillera Real (Bolivia))
Pedra do Sino (Bell Rock) (Itatiaia National Park)
Austria Peak (Cordillera Real (Bolivia))
Tarija Peak (Cordillera Real (Bolivia))
Sairecabur volcano (Andes 6000m Peaks)
San Pedro volcano (Chile) (Andes 6000m Peaks)
Aucanquilcha volcano (Andes 6000m Peaks)
Caratuva Peak (Ibitiraquire Sierra)
Adolfo Calle (Cordon del Plata)
Lascar Volcano (Cordillera Occidental (Chile / Bolivia))
San José volcano (Cajon del Maipo)
Llaima volcano (Lake District (Chile / Argentina))
Ollague volcano (Cordillera Occidental (Chile / Bolivia))
Cerro Vallecitos (Cordon del Plata)
Cerro Rincon (Cordon del Plata)
Osorno volcano (Patagonia)
Cerro Tronador (Patagonia)
Villarrica volcano (Patagonia)
Lanin volcano (Patagonia)
My Routes (13)
Serra do Papagaio traverse (Pico do Papagaio)
Route to Apple and Turtle Rocks (Itatiaia National Park)
The "above" route (Ciririca Peak)
Normal route Lascar (Lascar Volcano)
Altar – Sino traverse (Pedra do Altar)
Serra Fina traverse (Serra Fina range)
East ridge (Ferraria Peak)
East border route, Itatiaia NP (Itatiaia National Park)
Cristal Peak - Bandeira Peak traverse (Caparaó National Park)
Paiolinho route (Serra Fina range)
Big Ice trekking (Perito Moreno glacier)
Pedra Furada route (Morro da Igreja)
My Huts & Campgrounds (4)
Do Lado De Lá Hut (Tamanduá-Bandeira Peak)
Club Andino refuge (Chacaltaya peak)
Sierra Fina hut (Serra Fina range)
Rebouças Hut (Itatiaia National Park)
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The Brazilian snowfall (Morro das Torres)
Fighting the good fight (The scariest moment of my life)
Uyuni Salt Flat - Biggest mirror on Earth (Uyuni Salt Flat (Salar de Uyuni))
Marinsinho Peak (2.394 m) hike (Marinsinho Peak)
Marins Peak (2.427 m) hike (Pico dos Marins)
Monte Verde 2010, relax time at 1.948m. (Monte Verde Village and Sierra)
Cutout (or cut out) photos (What is cut out photography?)
Dragonflies (and similar) (Animal Albums Collected)
Wildlife of Itatiaia National Park (Itatiaia National Park)
Condoriri area experience (Cordillera Real (Bolivia))
Colour Black (Multiple Colours)
Monte Verde, a brazilian paradise. (Monte Verde Village and Sierra)
Itatiaia National Park in images (Itatiaia National Park)
Sunrise and sunset - Parofes (Beautiful Skies: A Collection of Albums)
Volcanoes of the World (Volcanoes on SP (index))
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