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My Areas & Ranges (9)
My Mountains & Rocks (56)
Jitanzhoma (Lhagoi Kangri East)
Jiao Feng (Kunlun Shan)
Koskulak (Kunlun Shan)
Trabante II (Mercedario Group)
Olmedo (Andes 6000m Peaks)
Stepanek (Cordon del Plata)
Cazadero/Walter Penck (Andes 6000m Peaks)
El Fraile (Andes 6000m Peaks)
Gasherbrum III (The Karakoram)
Trango Towers (The Karakoram)
Gasherbrum IV (The Karakoram)
Parinacota (Andes 6000m Peaks)
Koshtan (Caucasus)
Pissis East (Andes 6000m Peaks)
Uyatau (Caucasus)
Bonete Grande (Puna de Atacama)
Pico Plata (Cordon del Plata)
Manso (Aconcagua Group)
San Bernardo (Cordon del Plata)
Bonete Chico (Andes 6000m Peaks)
Ramada (Andes 6000m Peaks)
Lenana (Mount Kenya)
Kangzhagri (Kunlun Shan)
Dychtau (Caucasus)
Djan Tugan (Caucasus)
Gumachi & Aristova (Caucasus)
Lyalver (Caucasus)
Misses Tau (Caucasus)
Gasherbrum I (The Karakoram)
Pik Petrovski (Pamir (Памир))
Cerro Plata (Cordon del Plata)
Tupungato (Andes 6000m Peaks)
Pissis (Andes 6000m Peaks)
Pik Pobeda/Tomur Feng (The Tian Shan)
Ulugh Muztagh (Kunlun Shan)
Muztagh Ata (Kunlun Shan)
Gaustatoppen (The Scandes)
Bonete (Aconcagua Group)
Broad Peak (The Karakoram)
Glittertind (Jotunheimen AREA)
Kebnekaise (The Scandes)
Mitre Peak (The Karakoram)
Imbabura (Cordillera Oriental (Ecuador))
Pik Lenin (Pamir (Памир))
Ojos del Salado (Andes 6000m Peaks)
Cho Oyu (8000m Peaks)
Pik Kommunizma (Pamir (Памир))
HuascarĂ¡n Sur (Cordillera Blanca)
My Routes (42)
Kaluxung - North Ridge (Kaluxung / Kalurong 6674m)
East couloir (Jitanzhoma)
South Face (Sirengou I)
NW ridge (Jiao Feng)
North Ridge (Satsum Kang)
Normal (Imbabura)
North (El Portillo)
South Face (Trabante II)
From north east (Olmedo)
From Piedras Grandes (Cerro (Pico) Franke)
North East Crater Rim Variation (Cazadero/Walter Penck)
Direct-Direct (Cerro Rincon)
WSW slopes (El Fraile)
Ruta Normal - Chile (Parinacota)
Ruta Normal - Chile (Ojos del Salado)
Polish Route (Gasherbrum III)
North - West Ridge (Cerro Plata)
Classic - SW Ridge (Gasherbrum II)
North Face (Misses Tau)
South-West Rockface (Gumachi) (Gumachi & Aristova)
Corax - Saulnier (Pissis East)
East Ridge (Bonete Grande)
Ridge Traverse (Pico Plata)
Normal Route (San Bernardo)
South West Face (Bonete Chico)
Normal - South Ridge (Cerro Vallecitos)
Mike Dorse Direct - Argentina (Ojos del Salado)
North ridge/Normal (Pik Petrovski)
Normal Route - West face (Muztagh Ata)
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My Albums (1)
Shadows (Various thematic albums collected)
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My Fact Sheets (2)

My Gear Reviews (19)
Einride (Shell Jackets)
Makalu Pro (Backpacks)
Himalyan 80 (Backpacks)
Makalu 70 (Backpacks)
Ultimalp (Snowshoes)
Shivling 80 (Backpacks)
Karakoram 850 (Sleeping Bags)
Footrest (Stoves)
Micron (Stoves)
Khan Tengri UIAA (Insulated Tops)
Zephyr (Rock Climbing Shoes)
Attack 65 (Backpacks)
Biwak I (Bivy Sacks)
Njal (Shell Jackets)
Mustang (Sleeping Bags)
Chamonix (Insulated Tops)
Ice Rock (Shell Jackets)

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