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Bob Burd

Bob Burd

Male, 56 years old

San Jose, California, United States

Power = 645 (Vote Weight = 94.89%)

Occupation: peak junkie

Website: http://www.snwburd.com/bob/

A Few Words: The approach is everything.

I can be reached via email at: snwbord@hotmail.com

I have no special attachments to any of the mountain pages I currently maintain. If you would like to adopt any of them in order to add more details or keep them more up to date, please send me an email.

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My Areas & Ranges (3)
Minarets (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
My Mountains & Rocks (53)
Stegosaurus Fin (Domeland Wilderness)
East Vidette (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Versteeg (John Muir Wilderness)
Cockscomb (John Muir Wilderness)
Rosy Finch Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Grizzly Peak (Yosemite Valley Scrambles)
Wheeler Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Wallace (John Muir Wilderness)
Trojan Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Red and White Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
San Joaquin Mountain (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Lola (California County Highpoints)
Reynolds Peak (Ebbetts Pass Area)
Mount Gabb (John Muir Wilderness)
Fin Dome (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
South Ventana Cone (Santa Lucia Mountains)
Columbia Finger (Yosemite National Park)
Michael Minaret (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Vogelsang Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mammoth Rock (Mammoth Lakes Basin)
Cathedral Rocks/Spires (Yosemite National Park)
Raymond Peak (Ebbetts Pass Area)
Mount LeConte (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Blue Angels Peak (California County Highpoints)
Caliente Mountain (California County Highpoints)
Unicorn Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Eichorn Pinnacle (Yosemite National Park)
El Capitan (Yosemite National Park)
Ventana Cone (Santa Lucia Mountains)
Black Kaweah (Great Western Divide)
Clyde Minaret (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Red Slate Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Thunder Mountain (Great Western Divide)
Cockscomb (Yosemite National Park)
Ventana Double Cone (Santa Lucia Mountains)
Echo Peaks (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Gardiner (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Clark (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Starr King (Yosemite National Park)
Cathedral Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Matthes Crest (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Russell (California 14ers)
Middle Palisade (California 14ers)
Mount Brewer (Great Western Divide)
Olancha Peak Flagged as needing updates (SPS Emblem Peaks)
Mount Clarence King (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Ritter (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Muir (California 14ers)
Mount Lyell (California County Highpoints)
Split Mountain (California 14ers)
Mount Darwin (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Humphreys (John Muir Wilderness)
My Routes (113)
Southwest Chutes (Mount Francis Farquhar)
Northeast Ridge (Bear Mountain)
Wesley-John Traverse (Mount Powell)
East Face (Cockscomb)
Traverse from Disappointment (Middle Palisade)
South Ridge (Clyde Spires)
Northeast Ridge (Mount Mendel)
NE Ridge (Mount Hoffmann)
West Ridge (Mount Emerson)
North Ridge (Rosy Finch Peak)
North Face (Hurd Peak)
West Face (Hurd Peak)
Summit Block (Pipsqueak Spire)
Southwest Ridge (Owens Peak)
Southwest Arete (Grizzly Peak)
LeConte Gully (Grizzly Peak)
East Side (Grizzly Peak)
K-P Pinnacle (Yosemite Valley - Logistical Center)
NE Couloir (Wheeler Peak)
North Ridge (Simmons Peak)
Haeckel - Wallace Traverse (Mount Haeckel)
Northwest Ridge (Palisade Crest)
Southeast Face (Red and White Mountain)
Northeast Ridge (Red and White Mountain)
East Ridge (Mount Haeckel)
NE Gully (Laurel Mountain)
Mango Margaritas (Whoa Nelli Deli)
North Ridge (Granite Chief)
Minaret Summit (San Joaquin Mountain)
Mono Jim Ridge (Mount Morrison)
North Ridge (Mount Lola)
Northeast Ridge (Bloody Mountain)
North Face (Mount Whitney)
East Face (Reynolds Peak)
Sierra Point (Yosemite Valley - Logistical Center)
Northeast Ridge (Mount Gabb)
Southeast Face (Mount Gabb)
West Face (Fin Dome)
North Ridge (Charlotte Dome)
North Ridge (Independence Peak)
North Couloir (Mount Sill)
Gamboa Trail (Cone Peak)
#1-4 - West Face (Echo Peaks)
East Face (Mount Starr)
Amphitheater Chute (Michael Minaret)
North Face (Mount Ritter)
SW Ridge (Tenaya Peak)
West Face (Tenaya Peak)
NW Buttress (Tenaya Peak)
East Face (Vogelsang Peak)
Northeast Gully (Liberty Cap)
NW Face of MCR (Cathedral Rocks/Spires)
Spires Gully (Cathedral Rocks/Spires)
Gunsight (Cathedral Rocks/Spires)
Ledge Trail (Yosemite Valley - Logistical Center)
Illilouette Gorge (Yosemite Valley - Logistical Center)
Ahwahnee Ledges (Yosemite Valley - Logistical Center)
Northeast Side (Mount Starr King)
Indian Canyon (Yosemite Valley - Logistical Center)
Yosemite Falls (Yosemite Valley - Logistical Center)
From Villager Peak (Rabbit Peak)
Southeast Face (Raymond Peak)
Southwest Ridge (Raymond Peak)
Northwest Chute (Mount LeConte)
#9 - Southwest Face (Echo Peaks)
North Dome Gully (North Dome)
The Slabs (Half Dome)
Caliente Ridge (Caliente Mountain)
Southeast Ridge (University Peak)
Rock Route (Clyde Minaret)
Ulrichs Route (Bear Creek Spire)
East Ridge (Mount Brewer)
East Ridge (Mount Russell)
The Summit Block (Thunderbolt Peak)
West Face (Mount Williamson)
South Ridge (Mount Goode)
North Face (Eichorn Pinnacle)
Blue Hole (Kawaikini (Waialeale))
Eagle Creek (El Capitan)
El Cap Gully (El Capitan)
Traverse to Silver Peak (Highland Peak)
Pine Ridge (Ventana Cone)
Crescent Moon Couloir (Round Top)
Southeast Slope (Red Slate Mountain)
East Ridge (Thunder Mountain)
West Face (Cockscomb)
Ventana Trail from Bottchers Gap (Ventana Double Cone)
East Slope (Mount Morrison)
East Chute (Mount Gardiner)
South Slope (Mount Gardiner)
Northwest Arete (Mount Clark)
Southeast Saddle (Mount Starr King)
Mountaineers Route (Cathedral Peak)
SE Buttress (Cathedral Peak)
South to North Traverse (Matthes Crest)
South Arete: Standard Route (Tresidder Peak)
Northeast Face (Middle Palisade)
From the U-Notch (Polemonium Peak)
Northwest Slopes (Mount Brewer)
From the PCT (Olancha Peak)
South Face (Mount Clarence King)
South Face (Lassen Peak)
East Face, Right Side (Thunderbolt Peak)
Southeast Glacier (Mount Ritter)
Via the Whitney Trail (Mount Muir)
Lyell Glacier (Mount Lyell)
North Slope from the East (Split Mountain)
East Face, Right Side (Mount Darwin)
My Lists (4)
California County Highpoints (USA County Highpoints)
SPS Emblem Peaks (Sierra Nevada)
Yosemite Valley Scrambles (Yosemite Valley - Logistical Center)
My Canyons (1)
Tenaya Canyon (Yosemite Valley - Logistical Center)
My Articles (1)
My Trip Reports (7)
2006 Sierra Challenge (Split Mountain)
2005 Sierra Challenge (Columbine Peak)
2004 Sierra Challenge (Mount Langley)
2003 Sierra Challenge (Mount Langley)
2002 Sierra Challenge (Thunderbolt Peak)
Southern California County Highpoints Tour (Mount San Antonio (Mount Baldy))
2001 Sierra Challenge (Mount Whitney)

Climber's Logs I've Signed (955)
Mountains & Rocks (954)
Chanchelulla Peak (Klamath Mountains)
Old Woman Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Shadow Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Williams Butte (Mono Lake Basin)
Kearsarge Pinnacles (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Geyser Peak (Clear Lake Area)
Eagle Mountain (Joshua Tree National Park)
East Ord Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Stewart Point (California Desert Peaks)
Brown Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Spectre Peak (Joshua Tree National Park)
Sheep Hole Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Incline Peak (Mount Rose Wilderness)
Covered Wagon Peak (Carson Pass Area)
Chemehuevi Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Boca Hill (Lake Tahoe Basin)
South Yolla Bolly (Mt Linn) (California 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Windy Point (Clear Lake Area)
Hull Mountain (Clear Lake Area)
Harbin Mountain (Clear Lake Area)
Ubehebe Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Cold Spring Mountain (Clear Lake Area)
Picacho del Diablo (Desert Peaks Section (DPS Peaks List))
Sheep Mountain (Southern Sierra)
Bald Mountain (Domeland Wilderness)
Horse Mountain (Clear Lake Area)
Flowery Range Highpoint (Virginia Range)
Tibbie Peak (Virginia Range)
Tinker Knob (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Mount Eisen (Great Western Divide)
North Sister (Cascade Volcanoes)
Maiden Peak (OR) (Cascade Volcanoes)
Odell Butte (OR) (Willamette pass area)
Paulina Peak / Newberry Crater (Oregon 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Mount Bailey (Oregon 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Bills Hill (Diablo Range)
Pinnacle Rock (Clear Lake Area)
English Mountain (Tahoe OGUL Peak List)
Leviathan Peak (Sierra Nevada)
Mount Olomana (Ko'olau Mountain Range)
Pu'u Konahuanui (Ko'olau Mountain Range)
Ka'ala (Hawaii - Oahu)
Mauna Loa (Big Island Peaks)
Mauna Kea (Big Island Peaks)
Hualalai (Big Island Peaks)
Chocolate Peak (Mount Rose Wilderness)
Mount Watson (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Rocky Peak - NV (Virginia Range)
Horse Benchmark - NV (Virginia Range)
State Line Peak (Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Point 4903 - Reno, Nevada (Virginia Range)
Alpine Walk Peak (Mount Rose Wilderness)
Snowflower Mountain (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Ophir Hill (Virginia Range)
Big Rock Ridge (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Loma Alta (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Burdell Mountain (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Fiske Peak (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Silver Peak (Silver Peak Wilderness) (Santa Lucia Mountains)
Alder Peak (Santa Lucia Mountains)
Shoshone Mountain (NV) (Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Haiwee Ridge (California Desert Peaks)
Mount McKinley (San Gabriel Mountains)
Starvation Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
McGinty Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Wells Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Las Trampas Peak/Ridge (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Pyramid Rock (Diablo Range)
Piute Mountain (Inyo-White Mountains)
Sheep Mountain (White Mtns) (Inyo-White Mountains)
Johnson Peak (Yosemite) (Tuolumne Meadows - Logistical Center)
Crafts Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Pilot Pinnacle (Lassen Volcanic National Park)
Squaw Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
State Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Lincoln (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Mount Judah (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Casa Diablo Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Reversed Peak (Sierra Nevada)
Silver Peak – Ebbetts Pass (Ebbetts Pass Area)
Maguire Peaks (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Crag Peak (Southern Sierra)
Mount Reinstein (John Muir Wilderness)
Point Reyes Hill (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Bennett Mountain (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Orestimba Peak (Diablo Range)
Deadwood Peak (Mokelumne Wilderness)
Brushy Peak (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Grinnell Mountain (San Bernardino Mountains)
Lost Cannon Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Mesa Peak (Santa Monica Mountains)
Portuguese Peak (Greenhorn Summit)
Cooks Peak (Greenhorn Summit)
Peel Peak (Greenhorn Summit)
Tobias Peak (Southern Sierra)
Table Top (Table Mountain) (Mojave National Preserve)
San Miguel Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Mount Ansel Adams (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Baker Peak (Greenhorn Summit)
The Needles (Great Western Divide)
Jordan Peak (Great Western Divide)
Mount Emma (Sonora Pass Area)
Hawksbeak Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Center Mountain (Sonora Pass Area)
Fremont Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Dore Cliff/Tioga Crest (Yosemite National Park)
Recess Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Izaak Walton (John Muir Wilderness)
Teutonia Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Sam Fink Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Carrizo Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Kelso Dunes (Mojave National Preserve)
Ruby Pyramid (Ruby Mountains)
Snow Mountain (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Arnot Peak (Ebbetts Pass Area)
Airola Peak (Ebbetts Pass Area)
Hiram Peak (Ebbetts Pass Area)
Eagle Peak (Courtright Reservoir)
Finger Rock (John Muir Wilderness)
Hoffman Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Liberty Peak (Ruby Mountains)
Marion Cohp - Mt. Jefferson (OR) (Oregon County Highpoints)
Olallie Butte (Oregon 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Mount Adams (Cascade Volcanoes)
Buck Peak (OR) (Columbia Gorge Peaks)
Sturgeon Rock and "Sturgeon Fin" (Washington County Highpoints)
Saddle Mountain (Oregon County Highpoints)
Goat Mountain (Washington County Highpoints)
Mount Saint Helens (Cascade Volcanoes)
Silver Peak (SPS List) (John Muir Wilderness)
South Guardian Angel (Zion National Park)
Knibbs Knob (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Gemini (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Stanford North (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Baldwin (John Muir Wilderness)
Berryessa Peak (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Mount Konocti (California 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Shastina (Mount Shasta)
Daff Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Fairview Dome (Tuolumne Meadows - Logistical Center)
Medlicott Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Cedar Mountain (Diablo Range)
Cerro Colorado (Diablo Range)
Table Mountain (California County Highpoints)
Tule Peak (Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Pah Rah Mountain (Pah Rah Range)
Virginia Peak (Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Mount Lewis (Diablo Range)
Middle Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Gold Mountain (San Bernardino Mountains)
Kennedy Mountain (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Thunder Mountain (CA) (California County Highpoints)
Pickett Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Grapevine Peak (Death Valley)
Coffin Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Cajon Mountain (San Bernardino Mountains)
Liberty Cap (Yosemite National Park)
Slate Mountain (Great Western Divide)
Otay Mountain (California 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Pikes Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Bonita Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Sizer (Diablo Range)
Little San Gorgonio Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Echo Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Table Mountain (Great Western Divide)
Jubilee Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Reyes Peak (California 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Smith Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Inspiration Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Alto Diablo (San Bernardino Mountains)
Muir Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Bare Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Lembert Dome (Yosemite National Park)
North Chalone Peak (Pinnacles, Gabilan Range)
Cathedral Peak (Diablo Range)
“Ed Lane Peak” (John Muir Wilderness)
Red Cathedral (Death Valley)
Rouse Hill (Peninsular Ranges)
Eagle Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Box Springs Mountains (Inland Empire Peaks)
Mount Jurupa (Inland Empire Peaks)
Mount Perry (Death Valley)
Mount Umunhum (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Potato Peak and Bodie Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Matthes Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Dry Mountain (Death Valley)
Thomas Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Mount Orizaba (California Coastal Peaks)
El Montañon (California Coastal Peaks)
Mount Livermore/Angel Island (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Pothole Dome (Tuolumne Meadows - Logistical Center)
Piute Peak (Southern Sierra)
Kennedy Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Molo Mountain (Sonora Pass Area)
Telegraph Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Lake Peak (Ruby Mountains)
Saddleback Butte (Southwestern Mojave Ranges)
Silver Peak (Southwestern Mojave Ranges)
Shadow Mountains HP (Southwestern Mojave Ranges)
Brian Head Peak (Utah County Highpoints)
Kane COHP (UT) (Utah County Highpoints)
Navajo Mountain (UT) (Utah 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Angels Landing (Zion National Park)
Signal Peak (Utah County Highpoints)
North Guardian Angel (Zion National Park)
Buena Vista Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Big Baldy (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Parker Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Greys Peak - Nevada (East Humboldt Range)
Peak 10745 - Nevada (East Humboldt Range)
Snow Lake Peak (Ruby Mountains)
Mount Gilbert (Ruby Mountains)
Isberg Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Senger (John Muir Wilderness)
Bald Mountain (NV) (Great Basin National Park)
Baker Peak (Great Basin National Park)
Jeff Davis Peak (Great Basin National Park)
Clouds Rest (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Hooper (John Muir Wilderness)
Mt. Grant (Nevada County Highpoints)
Allen Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Galena Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Lake Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Bighorn Mountain (San Bernardino Mountains)
Jepson Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Dobbs Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Little Charlton Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Charlton Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Joe Devel Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Pickering (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Glendora Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Pilot Knob (John Muir Wilderness)
Mendenhall Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Wheeler Peak - Sweetwater Mountains (California Desert Peaks)
Mount Rixford (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Thimble Peak (Mokelumne Wilderness)
Rosa Point (Anza Borrego Desert State Park)
Big Maria Peak (California 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Valencia Peak (California Coastal Peaks)
Hood Mountain (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Joaquin Rocks (Diablo Range)
Stoddard Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Frankish Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Morton Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Coyote Mountain (Anza Borrego Desert State Park)
Mount Givens (John Muir Wilderness)
Emerald Point (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Peep Sight Peak (Ebbetts Pass Area)
Maggies Peaks (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Maturango Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Goat Mountain (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Angora Mountain (Southern Sierra)
Eichorn Minaret (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Montecito Peak (California Coastal Peaks)
Black Butte (CA) (Cascade Volcanoes)
Bertha Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Mugu Peak (California Coastal Peaks)
Rodman Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Spirit Mountain (NV) (Lake Mead NRA)
Relay Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Black Mountain #3 (Southern Sierra)
Twin Peaks (Lodgepole)
Combs Peak (Bucksnort Mountain) (Anza Borrego Desert State Park)
Arctic Point (San Bernardino Mountains)
Mount Hollywood (Santa Monica Mountains)
Iron Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Finger Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Spire Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Carson Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Suicide Rock (Peninsular Ranges)
Two Eagle Peak (Palisades)
Eagle Peak (Yosemite) (Yosemite National Park)
Big Pine Mountain (Transverse Ranges)
Spanish Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Kratka Ridge (San Gabriel Mountains)
Black Mountain (Inyo-White Mountains)
San Sevaine Lookout (San Gabriel Mountains)
Constance Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Ord Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Smith Mountain (Southern Sierra)
Three Sisters (Sierra Peaks Section (SPS))
Mount McPherson (California County Highpoints)
Pallett Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Will Thrall Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mammoth Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Mooney (San Gabriel Mountains)
Echo Ridge (Yosemite National Park)
West Baldy (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Hillyer (San Gabriel Mountains)
Nopah Point (California Desert Peaks)
Fox Mountain #2 (San Gabriel Mountains)
Iron Mountain #2 (San Gabriel Mountains)
Pyramid Peak (Death Valley) (California Desert Peaks)
Sunset Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Waterman Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Granite Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Timber Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Tom (John Muir Wilderness)
Temescal Peak (Santa Monica Mountains)
Glass Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Mile-High Mountain (Anza Borrego Desert State Park)
Smith Mountain (Death Valley)
Briones Peak/Mott Peak (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Tioga Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Madera Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Observation Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Burra Burra Peak (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Mount Solomons (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Scylla (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Kern Point (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Kaiser Peak (Sierra Nevada)
Arlington Peak (Santa Ynez Mountains)
Bear Claw Spire / Treasure Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Hood (Cascade Volcanoes)
Mount Cedric Wright (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Spencer (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
The Nipple (Mokelumne Wilderness)
Feather Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Chalk Mountain (Santa Cruz Mountains)
Epidote Peak (Sierra Nevada)
Camiaca Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Stanton Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Whitecliff Peak (Ebbetts Pass Area)
White Mountain (Sonora Pass) (Sonora Pass Area)
Night Cap Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Mount Francis Farquhar (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Brown Mountain (Oregon 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Picket Guard (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
"Patricia Peak" (John Muir Wilderness)
New Pass Peak (Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Diamond Peak (Nevada County Highpoints)
Mount Grafton (NV) (Nevada County Highpoints)
Arc Dome (Ultra-prominence Peaks of the 48 States)
Ruby Dome (Nevada County Highpoints)
Granite Peak (NV) (Nevada County Highpoints)
Mount Wittenberg (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Barnabe Mountain (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Pine Mountain (Marin County) (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Castle Dome (Castle Crags)
Mt. Isabelle (Siskiyou Mountains)
Mount Ashland (Siskiyou Mountains)
Mount Scott (Crater Lake National Park)
Alamo Mountain (Transverse Ranges)
Mount Florence (Yosemite National Park)
Fourth of July Peak (Mokelumne Wilderness)
Falcon Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
West Vidette (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mt. Prater (John Muir Wilderness)
Desatoya Twins (Nevada County Highpoints)
Bunker Hill (NV) (Nevada County Highpoints)
Little Round Top (Carson Pass Area)
Pine Mountain (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Bald Mountain (Sonoma, CA) (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Cahuenga Peak (Santa Monica Mountains)
Cathedral Peak (Santa Barbara) (California Coastal Peaks)
Round Top (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Toiyabe Dome (Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
San Bruno Mountain (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Star Peak (Nevada County Highpoints)
Rattlesnake Mountain (Virginia Range)
Mount Houghton (Lake Tahoe Basin)
White BM (Peninsular Ranges)
Los Pinos Peak (Santa Ana Mountains)
Trabuco Peak (Santa Ana Mountains)
Bedford Peak (Santa Ana Mountains)
Modjeska Peak (Santa Ana Mountains)
Striped Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Sierra Peak (Santa Ana Mountains)
Windy Hill (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Mount Watkins (Yosemite National Park)
Oakzanita Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Pyles Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Hot Springs Mountain (California County Highpoints)
Bernardo Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Fortuna Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
"Pyramid Peak" (Mammoth Lakes) (Mammoth Lakes Basin)
Potato Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Thunder Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount San Antonio (Mount Baldy) (California County Highpoints)
Meeks Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Bighorn Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Bighorn Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Onyx Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Petersen Mountain High Point (Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Strawberry Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Lake Arrowhead Pinnacles (San Bernardino Mountains)
Lookout Mountain #2 (San Gabriel Mountains)
Rattlesnake Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Jones Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Tipton (Arizona's Top 100 Peaks by Prominence)
Bald Mountain (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Mount Stirling (Spring Mountains)
Virgin Peak (Virgin Mountains)
Moapa Peak (Southern Nevada)
Mount Perkins (Arizona's Top 100 Peaks by Prominence)
Frenchman Mountain (Southern Nevada)
Muddy Peak (Southern Nevada)
La Madre Mountain (Southern Nevada)
Hayford Peak (Ultra-prominence Peaks of the 48 States)
Pleasant Point (Mountain) (California Desert Peaks)
Mountain Springs Peak (Spring Mountains)
Rainbow Wall (Spring Mountains)
Rainbow Mountain (Red Rock Climbing)
Castle Peaks, Mojave (Mojave National Preserve)
Hart Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Peavine Peak (Nevada 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Eagle Crag (Peninsular Ranges)
Tri-Peaks (Santa Monica Mountains)
Castle Rocks (Peninsular Ranges)
Black Mountain #1 (Peninsular Ranges)
Tehipite Dome (John Muir Wilderness)
Mayan Peak (Jawbone-Butterbredt Region)
Glacier Ridge (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Onyx Peak (Jawbone-Butterbredt Region)
Whaleback (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Midway Mountain (Great Western Divide)
Milestone Mountain (Great Western Divide)
Mount Genevra (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Pico Risco (Peninsular Ranges)
Marion Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Deerhorn Mountain (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Wahoo Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Black Giant (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Peppermint Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount McGee (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Patterson (California Desert Peaks)
Middle Sister (CA / NV) (Nevada County Highpoints)
Tunemah Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Volunteer Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Corral Ridge (California County Highpoints)
Bohna Peak (Greenhorn Summit)
Split Mountain (Greenhorn Summit)
Black Mountain (Greenhorn Summit)
Mount Guyot (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Olsen (Sierra Nevada)
Duane Bliss Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Sandstone Peak (Mt. Allen) (California Coastal Peaks)
Barley Flats (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Sally (San Gabriel Mountains)
Bill Williams Mountain (San Francisco Volcanic Field)
Agassiz Peak (San Francisco Volcanic Field)
Humphreys Peak (U.S. State Highpoints)
Mount Wood (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Huxley (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Hualapai Peak (Arizona County Highpoints)
Breckenridge Mountain (Southern Sierra)
Borel Hill (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Eagle Scout Peak (Great Western Divide)
Frazier Mountain (Transverse Ranges)
The Sphinx (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Sirretta Peak (Southern Sierra)
Little Cahuilla Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Lookout Mountain #1 (Peninsular Ranges)
Butterfly Peak (Desert Divide) (Peninsular Ranges)
Ken Point (Desert Divide) (Peninsular Ranges)
Lion Peak (Desert Divide) (Peninsular Ranges)
Pine Mountain (Desert Divide) (Peninsular Ranges)
Pyramid Peak (Desert Divide) (Peninsular Ranges)
Palm View Peak (Desert Divide) (Peninsular Ranges)
Sheep Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Toro Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Phipps Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Martis Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Kitt Peak (Arizona's Top 100 Peaks by Prominence)
Baboquivari Peak (Tucson Mountain Ranges)
Superstition Peak (Superstition Mountains)
Pyramid Peak (Desolation Wilderness Area)
Mount Agassiz (Desolation) (Lake Tahoe Basin Highest Peaks)
Mount Price (Desolation Wilderness Area)
Hines Peak (Transverse Ranges)
Mount Ericsson (Kings-Kern Divide)
Twin Peaks (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Pinto Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Discovery Pinnacle (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Black Mountain #6 (California Desert Peaks)
Mount Ajo (Arizona's Top 100 Peaks by Prominence)
Cerro Pinacate (Desert Peaks Section (DPS Peaks List))
Pinyon Ridge (San Gabriel Mountains)
Agua Tibia Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Devils Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Mount Emma and Old Mount Emma (San Gabriel Mountains)
Cole Point (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Gleason (San Gabriel Mountains)
Vetter Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Pacifico Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Winston Ridge (San Gabriel Mountains)
Winston Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Twin Peaks (San Gabriel Mountains)
Pleasant View Ridge (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Williamson (San Gabriel Mountains)
Copter Ridge (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Hawkins (San Gabriel Mountains)
Middle Hawkins (San Gabriel Mountains)
South Mount Hawkins (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Islip (San Gabriel Mountains)
Spitler Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Apache Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Red Tahquitz (Peninsular Ranges)
Tahquitz Rock (Lily Rock) (Peninsular Ranges)
Indian Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Quail Mountain (Joshua Tree National Park)
Warren Peak (Joshua Tree National Park)
Sunday Peak (Southern Sierra)
Rubicon Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Kwaay Paay Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Rocky Peak (Transverse Ranges)
Red Kaweah (Kaweah Peaks)
Kern Peak (Southern Sierra)
Vandever Mountain (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Robinson (Palisades)
Fin Dome (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Heart Bar Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Eagle Peak (California 2,000 ft Prominence Peaks)
Colosseum Mountain (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Pinchot (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mt Ruskin (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Peak 12,960+ "Trapezoid Peak" (John Muir Wilderness)
Checkered Demon (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Huntington (John Muir Wilderness)
Picture Peak (Evolution Group)
Electra Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Black Mountain (Virginia Lakes Trailhead)
South Peak (Virginia Lakes Trailhead)
Mount Dubois (Inyo-White Mountains)
Lion Rock (Great Western Divide)
Mount Young (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Cisco Butte (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Royal Arches (Yosemite National Park)
The Cleaver (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Davidson (NV) (Nevada County Highpoints)
Mount McLoughlin (Cascade Volcanoes)
Mount Lewis (San Gabriel Mountains)
Throop Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Burnham (San Gabriel Mountains)
Ross Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Baden-Powell (San Gabriel Mountains)
Little Bear Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Grays Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Keller & Slide Peaks (San Bernardino Mountains)
Shields Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
San Bernardino Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
San Bernardino East Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Sonoma Mountain (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Silver Peak (San Bernardino Mountains)
Charleston Peak (Nevada County Highpoints)
Mummy Mountain (NV) (Spring Mountains)
Keynot Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Montgomery Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Boundary Peak (Nevada) (Nevada County Highpoints)
Arrow Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Chuckwalla Mountain (Southern Sierra)
Mount Silliman (Lodgepole)
Last Chance Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Sandy Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Cross Mountain (Southern Sierra)
Picacho Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Mount Harvard (San Gabriel Mountains)
Orocopia Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Silver Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Monument Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Potosi Mountain (Spring Mountains)
Bridge Mountain (Red Rock Climbing)
Towne BM (California Desert Peaks)
Tehachapi Mountain (Southern Sierra)
Mount Hale (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Red Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Cuyapaipe Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Mt. Lola North (California County Highpoints)
Garnet Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Villager Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Death Valley Buttes (California Desert Peaks)
Corkscrew Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Rogers & Bennett (California Desert Peaks)
Telescope Peak (Ultra-prominence Peaks of the 48 States)
Whale Peak (Anza Borrego Desert State Park)
Foerster Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Kaweah (Great Western Divide)
Florence Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Harrington (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Devils Crags (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Warren (Sierra Peaks Section (SPS))
Center Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Iron Mountain No. 3 (San Gabriel Mountains)
Elephants Back (Mokelumne Wilderness)
Mount Fiske (Evolution Group)
Goodale Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Cardinal Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Aperture Peak (Palisades)
Gendarme Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
The Hermit (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Stanford (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Lewis (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Rodgers Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
The Doodad (Yosemite National Park)
Pettit Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Old Man Mountain (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Diving Board (Yosemite National Park)
Hat Mountain (California County Highpoints)
Brandy Peak (OR) (Oregon County Highpoints)
Mount Bolivar (Oregon County Highpoints)
Grayback Mountain (OR) (Oregon County Highpoints)
Red Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Stewart (Great Western Divide)
Needle Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Mount McDuffie (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Monrovia Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Warlow (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Lookout Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Baxter (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Kearsarge Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Eagle Peak (Modoc) (California County Highpoints)
Sugar Pine Peak (California County Highpoints)
Round Top (San Gabriel Mountains)
Miller Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Boucher Hill (Peninsular Ranges)
Muah Mountain (Southern Sierra)
Mount Elwell (Sierra Nevada)
Triple Divide Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Birch Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Pinos (California County Highpoints)
Pahrump Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Skinner Peak (Southern Sierra)
Sawmill Mountain (California County Highpoints)
Circle Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Cachuma Mountain (Transverse Ranges)
Woodson Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Funeral Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Eagle Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
Kingston Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Clark Mountain (California Desert Peaks)
New York Mountains (California Desert Peaks)
Burnt Peak (Transverse Ranges)
Cobb Mountain (California County Highpoints)
Signal Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Waterhouse Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
The Sisters (Mokelumne Wilderness)
Mt. Crocker (John Muir Wilderness)
Mt. Deception (San Gabriel Mountains)
Occidental Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Iron Mountain #1 (San Gabriel Mountains)
Cucamonga Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Ontario Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Sugarloaf Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Andesite Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Dawson Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Pine Mountain (San Gabriel Mountains)
Long Ridge (California County Highpoints)
Mount Allison (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Longs Peak (Colorado 14ers)
Blue Angels Peak (California County Highpoints)
Church Dome (Domeland Wilderness)
Stegosaurus Fin (Domeland Wilderness)
Rabbit Peak #1 (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mount Lowe (San Gabriel Mountains)
Black Butte (CA) Glenn cohp (California County Highpoints)
Blacksmith Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mt. Lawlor (San Gabriel Mountains)
Mt. Disappointment (San Gabriel Mountains)
East Vidette (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Bear Mountain (California County Highpoints)
Salmon Mountain (California County Highpoints)
Mount Eddy (California County Highpoints)
Brokeoff Mountain (California County Highpoints)
Snow Mountain (California County Highpoints)
Mount Wilson (San Gabriel Mountains)
Eureka Peak (Sierra Nevada)
Adams Peak (Sierra Peaks Section (SPS))
Mount Markham (San Gabriel Mountains)
Sawtooth Peak (Great Western Divide)
Broken Finger Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
San Gabriel Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Keeler Needle (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Black Kaweah (Great Western Divide)
Mount Keith (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Lamont Peak (Southern Sierra)
The Thumb (Palisades)
Mount Bolton Brown (Palisades)
Giraud Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Powell (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Michael Minaret (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Lukens (San Gabriel Mountains)
Green Mountain (Boulder Range)
Mount Washington (Oregon) (Cascade Volcanoes)
Three Fingered Jack (Cascade Volcanoes)
Mount Jefferson (Cascade Volcanoes)
South Sister (Cascade Volcanoes)
Mount Russell (California 14ers)
Tunnabora Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Ventana Double Cone (Santa Lucia Mountains)
Thor Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Kawaikini (Waialeale) (Kauai Peaks)
Condor Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Sawtooth Peak (Southern Sierra)
Mount Isabel (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Sutter Buttes (California County Highpoints)
Morris Peak (Southern Sierra)
Jean Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Marion Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
San Benito Mountain (California County Highpoints)
Scodie Mountain (Southern Sierra)
Little Blue Peak (California County Highpoints)
Carpenter Hill (California County Highpoints)
Markleeville Peak (Mokelumne Wilderness)
Jeff Davis Peak (Mokelumne Wilderness)
Monument Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Stonewall Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Josephine Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Umpah Point (California Desert Peaks)
Mopah Point (California Desert Peaks)
Granite Mountains (California Desert Peaks)
Fountain Peak (California Desert Peaks)
San Ysidro (California Desert Peaks)
Disappointment Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mammoth Mountain (Mammoth Lakes Basin)
Moses Mountain (Southern Sierra)
North Maggie Mountain (Southern Sierra)
Cowles Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Montara Mountain (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Mission Peak (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Copernicus Peak (California County Highpoints)
Monument Peak (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Homers Nose (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Seven Gables (John Muir Wilderness)
Cornell Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Mount Versteeg (John Muir Wilderness)
Cockscomb (John Muir Wilderness)
Spanish Needle (Southern Sierra)
Jobs Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Jobs Sister (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Mount Goddard (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Junction Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Temple Crag (John Muir Wilderness)
Columbine Peak (Palisades)
Clyde Spires (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Mendel (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Merriam Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Gray Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Hilgard (John Muir Wilderness)
Parsons Peak (California County Highpoints)
Mount Emerson (John Muir Wilderness)
Drury Peak (Peninsular Ranges)
Pico Blanco (California Coastal Peaks)
Mount Gibbs (Yosemite National Park)
Tuolumne Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Jacks Peak (Desolation Wilderness Area)
Rosy Finch Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Hurd Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Crystal Crag (John Muir Wilderness)
Mokelumne Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Taylor Dome (Domeland Wilderness)
Rockhouse Peak (Domeland Wilderness)
Pipsqueak Spire (John Muir Wilderness)
Garnet Peak (Anza Borrego Desert State Park)
Diamond Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Stevens Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Ryan Mountain (Joshua Tree National Park)
Grizzly Peak (Yosemite Valley Scrambles)
White Mountain (Yosemite National Park)
Strawberry Peak (San Gabriel Mountains)
Loma Prieta (SF Bay Area Peaks)
Mount Stakes (California County Highpoints)
South Basin Peak (pt. 13,240') (John Muir Wilderness)
Butterbredt Peak (Southern Sierra)
Donohue Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Davis (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Five Fingers (Southern Sierra)
Wheeler Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Anderson Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Mount Johnson (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Vaca (California County Highpoints)
Simmons Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Goethe (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Muriel Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Wallace (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Corcoran (John Muir Wilderness)
Lone Pine Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Langley (California 14ers)
Cirque Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount McAdie (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Irvine (John Muir Wilderness)
Palisade Crest (John Muir Wilderness)
Dragon Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Cartago Peak (Southern Sierra)
Mount Jepson (John Muir Wilderness)
Trojan Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Winchell (Palisades)
Mount Haeckel (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Clarence King (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Basin Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
El Cajon Mountain (Peninsular Ranges)
Haleakala (Maui Peaks)
Vagabond Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Chocolate Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
North Guard (Great Western Divide)
Granite Chief (California County Highpoints)
Mount Tyndall (California 14ers)
Cloudripper (John Muir Wilderness)
Black Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Mary Austin (John Muir Wilderness)
Junipero Serra Peak (California County Highpoints)
Basin Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
San Joaquin Mountain (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Lola (California County Highpoints)
Bloody Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Barnard (John Muir Wilderness)
Black Hawk Mountain (Sonora Pass Area)
Mount Saint Helena (California County Highpoints)
Sierra Buttes (Sierra Nevada)
Castle Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Mount Gabb (John Muir Wilderness)
South Ventana Cone (Santa Lucia Mountains)
Charlotte Dome (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Snow Valley Peak (NV) (Nevada County Highpoints)
Mount Thompson (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Norman Clyde Peak (Palisades)
Mount Morgan (N) (John Muir Wilderness)
Independence Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Cone Peak (California Coastal Peaks)
Mount Starr (John Muir Wilderness)
Lone Mountain (Madison Range)
South Chalone Peak (Pinnacles, Gabilan Range)
Forsyth Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Grizzly Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Eagle Peak (Tatoosh Range)
Tower Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Tenaya Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Merced Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Dunderberg Peak (Sierra Peaks Section (SPS))
Laurel Mountain (John Muir Wilderness)
Virginia Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Twin Peaks (Yosemite National Park)
Fletcher Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Vogelsang Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mammoth Rock (Mammoth Lakes Basin)
Disaster Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Cathedral Rocks/Spires (Yosemite National Park)
Gaylor Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Rabbit Peak (California Desert Peaks)
Red Lake Peak (Lake Tahoe Basin)
Raymond Peak (Ebbetts Pass Area)
Mount Mills (John Muir Wilderness)
Dicks Peak (Desolation Wilderness Area)
Mount Carillon (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount LeConte (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Maclure (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Mallory (John Muir Wilderness)
Pyramid Peak (Little Lakes Valley) (John Muir Wilderness)
Freel Peak (California County Highpoints)
Cockscomb (Yosemite National Park)
Caliente Mountain (California County Highpoints)
University Peak (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Gould (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Lamarck (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Unicorn Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Gilbert (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Middle Palisade (California 14ers)
Starlight Peak (California 14ers)
Whorl Mountain (Yosemite National Park)
Bear Creek Spire (John Muir Wilderness)
Clyde Minaret (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Stanislaus Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Mount Diablo (California County Highpoints)
San Jacinto Peak (California County Highpoints)
San Gorgonio (California County Highpoints)
The Watchtower (Lodgepole)
Alta Peak (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
White Mountain Peak (California County Highpoints)
Mount Williamson (California 14ers)
Mount Goode (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Eichorn Pinnacle (Yosemite National Park)
El Capitan (Yosemite National Park)
Excelsior Mountain (Yosemite National Park)
Banner Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Ventana Cone (Santa Lucia Mountains)
Round Top (Mokelumne Wilderness)
North Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Half Dome (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Rose (Nevada) (Nevada County Highpoints)
North Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Kuna Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Thunder Mountain (Great Western Divide)
Highland Peak (Ebbetts Pass Area)
Echo Peaks (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Morrison (John Muir Wilderness)
Mount Gardiner (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Clark (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Starr King (Yosemite National Park)
Cathedral Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Hoffmann (Yosemite National Park)
Matthes Crest (Yosemite National Park)
Leavitt Peak (Sonora Pass Area)
Koip Peak (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Dana (Yosemite National Park)
Mount Conness (Yosemite National Park)
Tresidder Peak (Yosemite National Park)
Polemonium Peak (California 14ers)
Mount Brewer (Great Western Divide)
Lassen Peak (California County Highpoints)
Mount Thielsen (Cascade Volcanoes)
Mount Sill (California 14ers)
North Palisade (California County Highpoints)
Thunderbolt Peak (California 14ers)
Mount Ritter (Ansel Adams Wilderness)
Mount Muir (California 14ers)
Mount Lyell (California County Highpoints)
Split Mountain (California 14ers)
Mount Darwin (Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP)
Mount Rainier (Cascade Volcanoes)
Mount Shasta (California County Highpoints)
Mount Humphreys (John Muir Wilderness)
Matterhorn Peak (SPS Emblem Peaks)
Mount Whitney (California County Highpoints)
Routes (1)
Blue Hole (Kawaikini (Waialeale))

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