Jahneston Peaks

Jahneston Peaks

Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 36.04060°N / 51.60080°E
Activities Activities: Sport Climbing
Seasons Season: Summer
Additional Information Elevation: 13000 ft / 3962 m
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A 40 Km drive out of northeastern Tehran, up the Jajrood River Valley will take you to the village of Garmabdar (2450 m). The peaks to the north of this village form a chain that starts at the 3100 m Yoonza Pass (to the east of the village) and stretch west to join the 4387 m Kholeno the Great Peak at the heart of the Middle Wall of Central Alborz (see the link above). East to west, these peaks include (there are many other high points and sub-peaks in between these peaks):
1) Oshtor 3673 m
2) Khatoon Bargah 3877 m
3) Kharsang Kooh 3930 m
4) North Kharsang Kooh 3806 m
5) Janneston 3962 m
6) Peak 3979 m
7) Varzab 4036 m


On the crest of the mentioned ridgeline, west of North Kharsang Kooh Peak (a distance of 8 Km), you will find quite a few peaks/high points. The western-most three peaks are all above 4000 m and are known as Varzab Peaks (highest 4036 m). The rest of the peaks are generally lumped together under the name Jahneston. (Some maps call some of them Kharsang Kooh and leave the others nameless). East to west these peaks include:
1) Peak 3905 m
2) Peak 3952 m
3) Peak 3930 m
4) Peak 3962 m
5) Peak 3950 m
6) Peak 3930 m
7) Peak 3979 m

Most sources designate Peak 3952 m or Peak 3962 m as the summit of Jahneston. For whatever reason, Peak 3979 m which is the highest of them all, remains nameless.

These peaks can be accessed via their southern slopes above the villages of Abnik or Laloon. The slopes below the eastern peaks (above Abnik Village) seem to be rocky and difficult to negotiate. A better option is to start at the Laloon Village and hike along the banks of the Varzab stream to reach a small canyon known as “Tangeh Varzab” (Varzab Narrows). After that, you will go over beautiful meadows to a saddle between Peak 3979 m and Varzab #1 Peak. From there you can follow the ridge-top east to access the rest of the peaks. Be ware that reaching Peaks 3952 m and 3905 m requires much Class III scrambling.

From the summits of Jahneston Peaks you will have good views of much of the eastern parts of the Central Alborz Mountains. To the east, the 5671 m Mt. Damavand reigns supreme, while to the west, the 4387 m Mt. Kholeno the Great and its nearby 4000 m plus peaks will be in good view. The 3964 m Mt. Tochal which rises directly above the city of Tehran will be visible to the southwest.

>>>Peak 3905 m

>>>Peaks 3952 m & 3930 m

>>>Peaks 3962 m, 3950 m & 3930 m

>>>Peak 3979 m

>>>Views from the summit of Peak 3962 m

>>>Vegetation on the lower slopes

>>>Varzab Narrows

>>>Meadows above Laloon Village

Getting There

From northeastern Tehran, take the Babai expressway east and then take the Lashgarak expressway north up to Ghoochak Pass (1950 m). Follow the road north down the many switchbacks to the bottom of the Jajrood River Valley (1700 m). Drive 20 Km north to the main square in the village of Fasham (1950 m). Left (west) will take you to the ski resorts of Shemshak and Dizin. Turn right (east) and drive 7 Km to the village of Zaygan (2250 m) and then turn left (north) and drive a side road about 4 Km to the village of Laloon (2400 m).

Red Tape

No fees.

When To Climb

Easiest in summer. I personally like late June/early July when there is still plenty of snow on the mountains and the lower slopes are covered with green grass and flowers.



Mountain Conditions

In summer, the weather is generally clear. Isolated thunderstorms (sleet/snow at higher elevations) do occur

Miscellaneous Info

If you are not familiar with these mountains, you might benefit from the presence of a guide. I used Araz Adventure Tours and was very satisfied.



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