Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 39.44080°N / 106.2313°W
County: Eagle & Summit
Activities: Hiking
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Elevation: 12583 ft / 3835 m


Residing to the north-northwest of Kokomo Pass, Corbett Peak sits on Elk Ridge, a southern extension of the Gore Range. A gentle mountain with a neat, reddish summit outcrop, Corbett Peak may not excite, but the views from the top will surely delight. The up-close-and-personal view of Jacque Peak is especially pleasing, but distant vistas of the Sawatch and the Tenmile-Mosquito will make the summit hiker smile. Corbett Peak is unranked, but gaining Elk Ridge up its southern slopes will test lungs and legs, and the views from the top are well worth the visit.
Jaque Peak from Corbett PeakJacque Peak from Corbett Peak
Colorado Rank: Unranked Mountain Range: Gore Prominence: 123 feet USGS Quad: Copper Mountain Trails Illustrated Map: #109 (Breckenridge / Tennessee Pass) Rank and prominence information: Lists of John
Holy Cross from Corbett PeakHoly Cross from Corbett Peak

Getting There

Corbett Peak sits in Eagle County, just west of the Summit County line. Roughly eight miles south-southwest of Vale Pass, Pearl Peak juts off of Elk Ridge as part of a southern spur of the Gore Range. This spur is bordered on the west by US Hwy 24 and on the east by CO Hwy 91. The nearest sizable supply town in Leadville, approximately 15 miles away by road, sitting to the south-southwest of Corbett Peak.
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Red Tape

Kokomo PassKokomo Pass
Views from Corbett Peak SummitViews from Corbett Peak Summit

There is really little to no red tape in this part of the national forest. Follow LNT (Leave No Trace) principals and be courteous of other recreationalists.

Camping & Lodging

Rustic Camping & Huts

Backcountry Camping Numerous delightful looking backcountry campsites can be found along the Cataract Creek. We’re talking large, level, tree-shaded sites with ample water supply. National Forest Developed Campgrounds The Leadville Ranger District of the Pike & San Isabel National Forest and the Eagle / Holy Cross Ranger District of the White River National Forest http:// each contains numerous campgrounds convenient to Elk Mountain. 10th Mtn Division Camping & Huts The former 10th Mtn Division training camp, "Camp Hale," has organized campgrounds, and not so organized dispersed camping. There is also the Jackal Hut nearby, part of the 10th Mtn Division hut system (visit for reservations). Thanks to Chicagotransplant for providing this valuable information!
Red Columbine on the lower approachRed Columbine on the lower approach

Hotels, Cabins, B&Bs, Condos and Family Campgrounds

Nearby ski resorts and small towns translate into a wide variety of lodging options for visitors. Vail This ski resort leans toward the higher end for accommodations, though deals may be found in the summer. Expect lodging rates to be positively outlandish in the winter. For detailed information about lodging in the Vail area, visit this website: Vail Mountain Lodging
Corbett Peak, Climax in BackdropCorbett Peak, Climax in backdrop
Corbett Peak Summit RocksCorbett Peak Summit Rocks
Copper Mountain Lodging rates near Copper Mountain may be more reasonable than Vail, but don’t confuse “reasonable” with “cheap.” As with any other ski resort, deals may be found in the summer months, but once the snow settles in, expect to pay out the nose. For detailed information about lodging in the Copper Mountain area, visit this website: Copper Mountain Lodging Leadville/Twin Lakes The Leadville/Twin Lakes area provides more simple down-to-earth, budget-friendly lodging option, including family RV parks. Still, proximately to several attractions, including Colorado’s High Point (Mount Elbert 14,433 ft.) mean snagging a room requires careful planning in advance of your visit. For detailed information about lodging in the Leadville/Twin Lakes area, visit this website: Leadville Lodging

Weather & Seasons

North Sheep Mountain 12436 ft.North Sheep Mountain 12436 ft.
Approaching Corbett Peak SummitApproaching Corbett Peak Summit

Winter & Spring: If the approach roads are plowed and the avalanche conditions stable, a hike to the summit of Corbett Peak could be a pleasant outing. Be prepared for roaring winds from the west on the summit. Summer: Summer is a warm, hassle-free time to visit this spur of the Gore Range. Wildflower displays in the upper reaches of Cataract Gulch, where the trees become sparse, are sure to delight. Remember that “warm” is a relative term on the Colorado high country, even in the summer. Be prepared for cool temperatures above timber line by bring a hat, gloves and layers. Autumn: When the Colorado high country is ablaze in autumn’s golden hues, a journey to Corbett Peak would be a heavenly pursuit. Ample sign exist that elk frequent this area, so exercise caution during the fall rut. Even the toughest, most mountain-hardened adventurer is no match for a horny bull elk who perceives the hiker as an impediment to his mating with his harem.
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