Volcanoes on SP (index)

Volcanoes on SP (index)

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Volcanoes comprise a good proportion of mountains on Earth, indeed if you counted those under the ocean they would be the most numerous. As a climber of volcanoes rather than Alpine or Himalayan peaks, I thought it would be useful to compile a list of all the ~500 volcanoes that have their own pages on summitpost so that they are properly represented and easier to find. The latter point follows from the issue that not all volcanoes have 'volcano' somewhere in the name or are linked to others nearby. This page will also help people become familiar with volcanic regions they might not otherwise have known about. (Although this list is largely complete there are a few odd pages that have no coordinate information nor are attached to any ranges so they may have been missed.)

What's Included: 1) Any location with its own eruptive history such as side vents and domes with their own names. Cinder cone and other vent fields covering small areas will be listed by their group name e.g. San Francisco Volcanic Field, and marked with an *. The odd listing might be a trip report or speculative page if that's the best there is. 2) Each highest remnant of a volcano or caldera if there's more info than for the original volcano/caldera (e.g. Brokeoff Mountain as there's nothing on what was Mt. Tehama but not Yellowstone for which there is plenty of info).

What's Not Included:1) The 60 or so smaller frozen plugs and dozens of lava flow and pyroclastic covered mountains (e.g. Devils Tower, the northern Sierra Nevada and Absarokas respectively) as in each case there's not much of a volcano left or there's an indeterminate vent. 2) Mountains that cannot be confirmed as volcanic even if they look quite suspicious. 3) There are also several volcanoes with just photos but no pages, these are shown in the Pageless volcanoes album.

Name conventions: Most uses of 'Mount' or 'Volcán de' or 'El' etc that precede names have been omitted where such terms are not commonly used (as far as I know), this is for ease of alphabetising. Where these terms are commonly used, the term has been moved to the end e.g. 'Pico de Orizaba' => 'Orizaba, Pico de.' I might have taken some liberties with Spanish accents over letters for ease of browser search / find box use.

Future modifications: Maybe some kind of interactive map. The Islas Canarias is sufficiently well organised that I have yet to feel compelled to replicate this section. Feel free to make suggestions on how this could be better structured, if I've missed any peaks or anything else! Thanks!

Recent updates: Lonquimay, Calbuco, Tunupa, Marmolejo, Maipo. Volcanoes currently listed here: 460

Handy external links: Global Volcanism Program, USGS volcano site, Basin and Range extent, Cascade extent, Colorado Tertiary volcanic deposits, Photovolcanica, Stromboli online

See the sidebar for other existing SP pages that relate to volcanoes and volcanism! Feel free to attach new Area/Range or general album pages, but not mountains or photos as there will usually be existing places for those. Thanks. :)

Map showing positions of the main tectonic plates (black lines) and areas of recent volcanism (red triangles). Credit: USGS. More detailed version here, with better detail on the area that's been cut in half on this one.

Organised By Geological Region (A-Z, then N-S)

Africa (east):
Bisoke, Elgon, Kenya, Kilimanjaro, Lenana, Mawenzi, Meru, Meru, Little, Ngorongoro, Ol'Doinyo Lengai, Sabinya

Augustine, Blackburn, Bona^ (WA link), Churchill^ (WA link), Drum^ (WA link), Edgecumbe, Kasatochi, Makushin

Erebus, Sidley

Asia (southern mainland, including Turkey and Caucasus):
Aragats, Ararat, Damavand, Elbrus, Erciyes, Kazbek, Nemrut, Popa, Sabalan, Sahand, Süphan Dağı (Mount Suphan), Taftan, Vulkan/Ka-er-daxi (Kunlun Group)

Basin and Range - San Juan Range caldera remnants:
Antero, Mount, Antora Peak, Garita, La / La Garita Caldera, Plata Peak, La, Redcloud Peak / Lake City Caldera, San Luis / San Luis Caldera, South River Peak, Summit Peak / Summitville Caldera, Tower Mountain / Silverton Caldera, Uncompahgre Peak / Uncompaghre Caldera
Basin and Range - western USA inc. Sierra Nevadas and Idaho:
Beatys Butte, Big Southern Butte, Black Butte (SW Mojave), Blackmore, Mount, Black Volcano, Bunsen Peak, Cabezon Wilderness Study Area*, Capulin Mountain, Cleopatra-Hamblin Paleovolcano, Cox Peak, Crater Mountain, Craters of the Moon NP*, Fortification Hill, Grizzly Peak, Inyo Craters*, JA Volcano, Kendrick Peak, Lava Butte, Long Valley, Mammoth Mountain, Otowi Peak (Buckman Mesa), Panum Crater, Parkview Mountain, Placer Mountain, Riley, Mount, Roof Butte, Round Top, San Francisco Volcanic Field*, Sierra Buttes, Staislaus Peak, Taylor, Mount, Twin, North (ID), Twin, South (ID), Vulcan Volcano, West Elk Peak, White Mountain (ID)

Cabrits, East and West, Liamuiga, Mount, Morne Diablotin, Morne Nicholls (Boiling Lake), Morne Trois Pitons, Quill, The, Sage, Mount, Scenery, Mount, Soufriere, La

Cascades - Canada:
Black Tusk, The, Clinker Peak, Garibaldi, Mount Price
Cascades - Washington:
Adams, Baker, Bird Mountain, Breccia Peak, Gilbert Peak, Glacier Peak, Lemei Rock, Little Tahoma, Lone Butte, Meany Crest, Rainier, Saint Helens
Cascades - Oregon:
Aspen Butte, Bachelor, Ball Butte, Battle Ax, Belknap Crater, Black Butte OR, Black Crater, Brown Mountain, Broken Top, Collier Cone, Cowhorn Mountain, Crater Lake / Mt. Mazama, Diamond Peak, Fuego Mountain, Fuji Mountain, Grizzly Peak, Hamner Butte (OR), Hood, Howlock Mountain, Jefferson, Larch Mountain, Maiden Peak, McLoughlin, Paulina Peak / Newberry Crater, Nipple Butte, Odell Butte, Olallie Butte, Pelican Butte, Pyramid Butte, Roxy Ann Peak, Salmon Butte, Sawtooth Mountain, Schonchin Butte, Sister, Middle, Sister, North, Sister, South, Thielsen, Three Fingered Jack, Twins, The, Washington, Wife, The, Yamsay Mountain, Yoran, Yoran, South Mt.
Cascades - California:
Amboy Crater, Andesite Peak, Ash Creek Butte, Black Butte CA, Brokeoff Mountain / Mt. Tehama, Bumpass Mountain, Burney Mountain, Butt Mountain / Mt. Yana, Chaos Crags, Cinder Cone, Crater Butte, Crater Peak, Eagle Peak, Goosenest, Helen, Mount, Hippo Butte, Hoffman, Lassen Peak, Lola, Mount, Loomis Peak, Reading Peak, Shasta, Shastina, Whaleback, The

Central America - Mexico:
Ajusco, Ceboruco, Chichon/al, El, Cofre de Perote, Colima, Colima, Nevado de (Zapotepetl), Coronado, Isla, Cuatlapanga, El, Huitepec, Cerro, Iztaccihuatl, Malinche, La, Mirador Grande, Cerro, Orizaba, Pico de, Paracutin, Pinacate, Cerro, Popocatepetl, Sierra Negra, Telapon, Tequila, Tlaloc (Tlalocatepetl), Toluca, Nevado de (Xinantecatl), Yeloxochtl
Central America - Guatemala:
Acatenango, Agua, Atitlan, Chicabal, Chingo, Fuego, Ipala, Pacaya, Quemado, Cerro, San Pedro, Santa Maria, Santiaguito, Santo Tomás, Siete Orejas, Tacana, Tajumulco, Tecuamburro, Toliman, Viboras, Las, Zunil
Central America - El Salvador + Honduras + Nicaragua + Costa Rica + Panama:
Arenal, Baru, Barva, Chato, Cerro, Cosigüina, Irazu, Izalco, Maderas, Poaz, Rincón de la Vieja, San Miguel (Chaparrastique), Santa Ana, San Vicente (Chichontepec), Telica, Tigre, El, Turrialba, Verde, Cerro, Zacate Grande

Europe (for Turkey or Caucasus see 'Asia'):
Arthur's Seat, Auvergne, Volcans d'*, Cantal Mountains, Cervati, Monte, Etna, Ferdinandea, Rhobell Fawr, Santorini, Stromboli, Vesuvius

Doom, Mount, Olympus Mons!

Fault-lines - San Andreas:
Duff, Glass Mountain Range^ (WA link), Konocti, Mount, Round Peak, Sutter Buttes

Hotspots - Las Islas Canarias / Canary Islands:
Teide, and many others (possible future project)
Hotspots - Hawaii:
Haleakala, Hualalai, Ka'ala, Kaunu o Kaleihoohie (Kohala Mountains), Kawaikini (Waialeale), Kilauea, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa, Nonou Mountain (Sleeping Giant), Pu‘u Koa‘e (Puu Koae, Sugarloaf), Pu'u Pihea
Hotspots - Iceland:
Háalda, Hekla, Herðubreið, Hvannadalshnukur, Ingólfsfjall, Snæfellsjökull, Súlur
Hotspots - Other:
Beerenberg, Maunga Pukatikei, Maunga Terevaka, Pico, Piton de la Fournaise, Piton des Neiges, Queen Mary's Peak, Rano Kau, Rano Raraku, Snake River Plane, Yellowstone

Indonesia + PNG:
Agung, Arjuna, Awu, Bromo, Ciremai, Dukono, Giluwe, Ibu, Karengetang, Kerinci, Klabat, Krakatau, Marapi, Denpo, Marapi (Gunung Api Merapi), Merapi, Raung, Rinjani, Semeru, Seulaweh Agam, Sibyak, Sinabung, Singgalang, Sirung, Slamet, Soputan, Welirang

Japan + South Korea:
Asahi-dake, Fuji-san, Halla-san, Karakuni-dake, Kuju-san, Meakan-dake, Naka-dake, Nantai-san, Ohachi, Rishiri-Zan, Taisenzan, Tateyama, Unzen (Fugen-dake)

Kamchatka (far eastern Russia):
Aag, Arik, Avachinskaja sopkaBakening, Bezymianny, Gorely, Karymsky, Klyuchevskaya Sopka, Korjakskij, Kozelskij, Ksudach, Mutnovsky Sopka, Tolbachik, Vijuchinskij

New Zealand:
Maungakiekie / One Tree Hill, Ngauruhoe, Port Hills / Lyttelton Volcano, Ruapehu, Somers, Taranaki (Egmont), Tongariro, White Island (Whakaari)

Pacific Islands (not 'Hotspots'):
Ambrym, Aorai, Mouaputa, Neisau Peak / Yasawa Islands, Rotui, Te Rua Manga, Yasur

(The) Philippines:
Apo, Malipunyo, Matutum, Mayon, Pinatubo, San Cristobal

South America - Colombia:
Azufral, Olleta, La (Nevado del Ruiz), Pan de Azúcar, Purace, Ruiz, Nevado del, Santa Isabel - Poleka Kasue, Tolima, Nevado del, Totumo, El
South America - Ecuador:
Altar, El, Antisana, Atacazo, Carihuairazo, Cayambe, Chiles, Chimborazo, Corazón, Cotacachi, Cotopaxi, Cuicocha Crater, Fuya Fuya/Mojanda, Guagua Pichincha, Ilalo, Iliniza Norte, Iliniza Sur, Imbabura, Pasochoa, Pululahua, Quilotoa, Reventador, Rucu Pichincha, Rumiñahui, Sangay, Sincholagua, Sumaco, Tungurahua
South America - Peru:
Ampato, Nevado, Cerani, Cerro, Chachani, Coropuna, Nevado, Firura, Nevado, Hualca Hualca, Nevado, Huarancante, Nevado*, Lucmani, Cerro, Misti, El, Mismi, Nevado, Peak 15000, Pichu Pichu, Nevado, Sabancaya, Santa Rosa, Cerro, Solimana, Ubinas, Yanamauras, Cerro
South America – Cordillera Occidental (Chile + Bolivia):
Acotango, Cerro, Aucanquilcha, Callejon Canapa, Chiliques, Chorolque, Cerro, Guallatire, Jorquencal, Cerro, Juriques, Lascar, Licancabur, Ollague, Parinacota, Pomerape, Sairecabur, San Pablo, San Pedro, Sajama, Toco, Cerro, Tomasamil, Cerro, Tunupa, Uturuncu
South America – Puna de Atacama (Chile + Argentina):
Barrancas Blancas, Cerros de, Bonete Chico, Bonete Grande, Cazadero (Walter Penck), dos Conos, Fraile, El, Incahuasi, Llullaillaco, Medusa, Muerto, El, Nacimiento, Ojos del Salado, Olmedo, Pissis, Pissis East, Queva, Nevado, San Francisco, Cerro de, Tres Cruces Central, Cerro, Tres Cruces Sur, Cerro, Veladero NE, Vicuñas, Cerro, Viento, Volcán del,
South America - High Andes (Chile + Argentina)
Maipo, Marmolejo, Cerro, Piuquenes, Nevado de los, Tupungato, San José, Tromen
South America – Lake District + Patagonia (Chile + Argentina):
Calbuco, Chaitén, Lanin, Llaima, Lonquimay, Osorno, Tronador, Villarrica

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Organised Alphabetically

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Aag (Kamchatka)
Acatenango (Guatemala)
Adams (Cascades)
Acotango, Cerro (Bolivia)
Agua (Guatemala)
Agung (Indonesia)
Ajusco (Mexico)
Altar, El (Ecuador)
Amboy Crater (Basin and Range)
Ambrym (Vanuatu)
Ampato, Nevado (Peru)
Andesite Peak (Cascades)
Antero, Mount (Basin and Range)
Antora Peak (Basin and Range)
Antisana (Ecuador)
Aorai (Tahiti)
Apo (Philippines)
Aragats (Armenia)
Ararat (Turkey)
Arenal (Costa Rica)
Arik (Kamchatka)
Arjuna (Indonesia)
Arthur's Seat (Scotland)
Asahi-dake (Japan)
Ash Creek Butte (Cascades)
Aspen Butte (Cascades)
Atacazo (Ecuador)
Atitlan (Guatemala)
Aucanquilcha (Chile/Bolivia)
Augustine (Alaska)
Auvergne, Volcans d'* (France)
Avachinskaja sopka (Kamchatka)
Awu (Indonesia)
Azufral (Colombia)

Bachelor (Cascades)
Bakening (Kamchatka)
Baker (Cascades)
Ball Butte (Cascades)
Barrancas Blancas, Cerros de (Chile)
Baru (Panama)
Barva (Costa Rica)
Battle Ax (Cascades)
Beatys Butte (Basin and Range)
Beerenberg (North Atlantic)
Belknap Crater (Cascades)
Bezymianny (Kamchatka)
Big Southern Butte (Basin and Range)
Bird Mountain (Cascades)
Bisoke (Rwanda)
Blackburn (Alaska)
Blackmore, Mount (Basin and Range)
Black Volcano, (Basin and Range)
Black Butte CA (Cascades)
Black Butte OR (Cascades)
Black Butte (SW Mojave) (Basin and Range)
Black Crater (Cascades)
Black Tusk, The (Cascades)
Bona^ (Alaska) (WA link)
Bonete Chico (Argentina)
Bonete Grande (Argentina)
Breccia Peak (Cascades)
Broken Top (Cascades)
Brokeoff Mountain / Mt. Tehama (Cascades)
Bromo (Indonesia)
Brown Mountain (Cascades)
Bumpass Mountain (Cascades)
Bunsen Peak (Basin and Range)
Burney Mountain (Cascades)
Butt Mountain / Mt. Yana (Cascades)

Cabezon Wilderness Study Area* (Basin and Range)
Cabrits, East and West (Caribbean)
Calbuco (Chile)
Callejon Canapa (Bolivia)
Cantal Mountains (France)
Capulin Mountain (Basin and Range)
Carihuairazo (Ecuador)
Cayambe (Ecuador)
Cazadero (Walter Penck) (Argentina)
Ceboruco (Mexico)
Cerani, Cerro (Peru)
Cervati, Monte (Italy)
Chachani (Peru)
Chaitén (Chile)
Chaos Crags (Cascades)
Chato, Cerro (Costa Rica)
Chicabal (Guatemala)
Chichon/al, El (Mexico)
Chiles (Ecuador)
Chiliques (Chile)
Chimborazo (Ecuador)
Chingo (Guatemala)
Chorolque, Cerro (Bolivia)
Churchill^ (Alaska) (WA link)
Cinder Cone (Cascades)
Ciremai (Indonesia)
Cleopatra-Hamblin Paleovolcano (Basin and Range)
Clinker Peak (Cascades)
Cofre de Perote (Mexico)
Colima (Mexico)
Colima, Nevado de (Zapotepetl) (Mexico)
Collier Cone (Cascades)
Corazón (Ecuador)
Coronado, Isla (Mexico)
Coropuna, Nevado (Peru)
Cosigüina (Nicaragua)
Cotacachi (Ecuador)
Cotopaxi (Ecuador)
Cowhorn Mountain (Cascades)
Cox Peak (Basin and Range)
Crater Lake / Mt. Mazama (Cascades)
Crater Mountain (Basin and Range)
Craters of the Moon NP* (Basin and Range)
Cuatlapanga, El (Mexico)
Cuicocha Crater (Ecuador)

Damavand (Iran)
Diamond Peak (Cascades)
dos Conos (Argentina/Chile)
Doom, Mount (Middle Earth!)
Drum^ (Alaska) (WA link)
Dukono (Indonesia)
Duff (Fault lines - San Andreas)

Eagle Peak (Cascades)
Edgecumbe (Alaska)
Elbrus (Russia)
Elgon (Kenya/Uganda)
Erciyes (Turkey)
Erebus (Antarctica)
Etna (Italy)

Ferdinandea (Italy)
Firura, Nevado (Peru)
Fortification Hill (Basin and Range)
Fraile, El (Argentina/Chile)
Fuego (Guatemala)
Fuego Mountain (Cascades)
Fuji Mountain (Cascades)
Fuji-san (Japan)
Fuya Fuya/Mojanda (Ecuador)

Garibaldi (Cascades)
Garita, La / La Garita Caldera (Basin and Range)
Gilbert Peak (Cascades)
Giluwe (Papua New Guinea)
Glacier Peak (Cascades)
Glass Mountain Range^ (Fault lines - San Andreas) (WA link)
Gorely (Kamchatka)
Grizzly Peak (Basin and Range)
Goosenest (Cascades)
Grizzly Peak (Cascades)
Guagua Pichincha (Ecuador)
Guallatire (Chile)

Háalda (Iceland)
Haleakala (Hawaii)
Halla-san (South Korea)
Hamner Butte (OR) (Cascades)
Hekla (Iceland)
Helen, Mount (Cascades)
Herðubreið (Iceland)
Hippo Butte (Cascades)
Hoffman (Cascades)
Hood (Cascades)
Howlock Mountain (Cascades)
Hualalai (Hawaii)
Hualca Hualca, Nevado (Peru)
Huarancante, Nevado* (Peru)
Huitepec, Cerro (Mexico)
Hvannadalshnukur (Iceland)

Ibu (Indonesia)
Ilalo (Ecuador)
Iliniza Norte (Ecuador)
Iliniza Sur (Ecuador)
Imbabura (Ecuador)
Incahuasi (Argentina)
Ingólfsfjall (Iceland)
Inyo Craters* (Basin and Range)
Ipala (Guatemala)
Irazu (Costa Rica)
Izalco (El Salvador)
Iztaccihuatl (Mexico)

JA Volcano, (Basin and Range)
Jefferson (Cascades)
Jorquencal, Cerro (Chile)
Juriques (Bolivia/Chile)

Ka'ala (Hawaii)
Karakuni-dake (Japan)
Karengetang (Indonesia)
Karymsky (Kamchatka)
Kasatochi (Alaska)
Kaunu o Kaleihoohie (Kohala Mountains) (Hawaii)
Kawaikini (Waialeale) (Hawaii)
Kazbek (Georgia)
Kendrick Peak (Basin and Range)
Kenya (Kenya)
Kerinci (Indonesia)
Kilauea (Hawaii)
Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
Klabat (Indonesia)
Klyuchevskaya Sopka (Kamchatka)
Konocti, Mount (San Andreas fault)
Korjakskij (Kamchatka)
Kozelskij (Kamchatka)
Krakatau (Indonesia)
Ksudach (Kamchatka)
Kuju-san (Japan)

Lanin (Argentina)
Larch Mountain (Cascades)
Lascar (Chile)
Lassen Peak (Cascades)
Lava Butte (Basin and Range)
Lemei Rock (Cascades)
Lenana (Kenya)
Liamuiga, Mount (Saint Kitts and Nevis)
Licancabur (Chile/Bolivia)
Little Tahoma (Cascades)
Llaima (Chile)
Llullaillaco (Chile)
Lola, Mount (Basin and Range)
Lone Butte (Cascades)
Long Valley (Basin and Range)
Lonquimay (Chile)
Loomis Peak (Cascades)
Lucmani, Cerro (Peru)

Maderas (Nicaragua)
Maiden Peak (Cascades)
Maipo (Argentina/Chile)
Makushin (Alaska)
Malinche, La (Mexico)
Malipunyo (Philippines)
Mammoth Mountain (Basin and Range)
Marapi, Denpo (Indonesia)
Marapi (Gunung Api Merapi) (Indonesia)
Marmolejo, Cerro (Chile/Argentina)
Matutum (Philippines)
Mauna Kea (Hawaii)
Mauna Loa (Hawaii)
Maungakiekie / One Tree Hill (New Zealand)
Maunga Pukatikei (Easter Island)
Maunga Terevaka (Easter Island)
Mawenzi (Tanzania)
Mayon (Philippines)
McLoughlin (Cascades)
Meakan-dake (Japan)
Meany Crest (Cascades)
Medusa (Argentina/Chile)
Merapi (Indonesia)
Meru (Tanzania)
Meru, Little (Tanzania)
Mirador Grande, Cerro (Mexico)
Mismi, Nevado (Peru)
Misti, El (Peru)
Morne Diablotin (Caribbean)
Morne Nicholls (Boiling Lake) (Caribbean)
Morne Trois Pitons (Caribbean)
Mouaputa (Tahiti)
Muerto, El (Argentina/Chile)
Mutnovsky Sopka (Kamchatka)

Nacimiento (Argentina)
Naka-dake (Japan)
Nantai-san (Japan)
Neisau Peak / Yasawa Islands (Fiji)
Nemrut (Turkey)
Paulina Peak / Newberry Crater (Cascades)
Ngauruhoe (New Zealand)
Ngorongoro (Tanzania)
Nipple Butte (Cascades)
Nonou Mountain (Sleeping Giant) (Hawaii)

Odell Butte (Cascades)
Ohachi (Japan)
Ojos del Salado (Chile)
Olallie Butte (Cascades)
Ol'Doinyo Lengai (Tanzania)
Ollague (Bolivia/Chile)
Olleta, La (Nevado del Ruiz) (Colombia)
Olmedo (Argentina)
Olympus Mons! (Mars!)
Orizaba, Pico de (Mexico)
Osorno (Chile)
Otowi Peak (Buckman Mesa) (Basin and Range)

Pacaya (Guatemala)
Pan de Azúcar (Colombia)
Panum Crater (Basin and Range)
Paracutin (Mexico)
Parinacota (Bolivia/Chile)
Parkview Mountain (Basin and Range)
Pasochoa (Ecuador)
Peak 15000 (Peru)
Pelican Butte (Cascades)
Pichu Pichu, Nevado (Peru)
Pico (Azores)
Pinacate, Cerro (Mexico)
Pinatubo (The Philippines)
Pissis (Argentina)
Pissis East (Argentina)
Piton de la Fournaise (Reunion)
Piton des Neiges (Reunion)
Piuquenes, Nevado de los (Argentina/Chile)
Plata Peak, La (Basin and Range)
Placer Mountain (Basin and Range)
Poaz (Costa Rica)
Pomerape (Bolivia)
Popa (Myanmar / Burma)
Popocatepetl (Mexico)
Pululahua (Ecuador)
Purace (Colombia)
Pu‘u Koa‘e (Puu Koae, Sugarloaf) (Hawaii)
Pu'u Pihea (Hawaii)
Port Hills / Lyttelton Volcano (New Zealand)
Mount Price (Cascades)
Pyramid Butte (Cascades)

Queen Mary's Peak (Tristan da Cunha)
Quemado, Cerro (Guatemala)
Queva, Nevado (Argentina)
Quill, The (Netherlands Antilles)
Quilotoa (Ecuador)

Rainier (Cascades)
Rano Kau (Easter Island)
Rano Raraku (Easter Island)
Raung (Indonesia)
Reading Peak (Cascades)
Redcloud Peak / Lake City Caldera (Basin and Range)
Reventador (Ecuador)
Rhobell Fawr (Wales)
Riley, Mount (Basin and Range)
Rincón de la Vieja (Costa Rica)
Rinjani (Indonesia)
Rishiri-Zan (Japan)
Roof Butte (Basin and Range)
Rotui (Tahiti)
Round Peak (Fault lines - San Andreas)
Round Top (Basin and Range)
Roxy Ann Peak (Cascades)
Ruapehu (New Zealand)
Rucu Pichincha (Ecuador)
Ruiz, Nevado del (Colombia)
Rumiñahui (Ecuador)

Sabalan (Iran)
Sabancaya (Peru)
Sabinya (DRC/Rwanda/Uganda)
Sage, Mount (Caribbean)
Sahand (Iran)
Saint Helens (Cascades)
Sairecabur (Chile)
Sajama (Bolivia)
Salmon Butte (Cascades)
San Cristobal (Philippines)
San Francisco, Cerro de (Argentina/Chile)
San Francisco Volcanic Field* (Basin and Range)
Sangay (Ecuador)
San José (Argentina/Chile)
San Luis / San Luis Caldera (Basin and Range)
San Miguel (Chaparrastique)San Pablo (Chile)
San Pedro (Guatemala)
San Pedro (Chile)
Santa Ana (El Salvador)
Santa Isabel - Poleka Kasue (Colombia)
Santa Maria (Guatemala)
Santa Rosa, Cerro (Peru)
Santiaguito (Guatemala)
Santorini (Greece)
Santo Tomás (Guatemala)
San Vicente (Chichontepec) (El Salvador)
Sawtooth Mountain (Cascades)
Scenery, Mount (Caribbean)
Schonchin Butte (Cascades)
Semeru (Indonesia)
Seulaweh Agam (Indonesia)
Shasta (Cascades)
Shastina (Cascades)
Sibyak (Indonesia)
Sidley (Antarctica)
Sierra Buttes (Basin and Range)
Sierra Negra (Mexico)
Siete Orejas (Guatemala)
Sinabung (Indonesia)
Sincholagua (Ecuador)
Singgalang (Indonesia)
Sirung (Indonesia)
Sister, Middle (Cascades)
Sister, North (Cascades)
Sister, South (Cascades)
Slamet (Indonesia)
Snæfellsjökull (Iceland)
Snake River Plane (Idaho/Hotspot)
Solimana (Peru)
Somers (New Zealand)
Soputan (Indonesia)
Soufriere, La (Caribbean)
South River Peak (Basin and Range)
Staislaus Peak (Basin and Range)
Stromboli (Italy)
Súlur (Iceland)
Sumaco (Ecuador)
Summit Peak / Summitville Caldera (Basin and Range)
Süphan Dağı (Mount Suphan) (Turkey)
Sutter Buttes (Fault lines - San Andreas)

Tacana (Guatemala/Mexico)
Taftan (Iran)
Taisenzan (Japan)
Tajumulco (Guatemala)
Taranaki (Egmont) (New Zealand)
Tateyama (Japan)
Taylor, Mount (Basin and Range)
Tecuamburro (Guatemala)
Teide (Islas Canarias)
Telapon (Mexico)
Tequila (Mexico)
Telica (Nicaragua)
Te Rua Manga (Cook Islands)
Thielsen (Cascades)
Three Fingered Jack (Cascades)
Tigre, El (Honduras)
Tlaloc (Tlalocatepetl)
Toco, Cerro (Chile)
Tolbachik (Kamchatka)
Tolima, Nevado del (Colombia)
Toliman (Guatemala)
Toluca, Nevado de (Xinantecatl) (Mexico)
Tomasamil, Cerro (Bolivia)
Tongariro (New Zealand)
Totumo, El (Colombia)
Tower Mountain / Silverton Caldera (Basin and Range)
Tres Cruces Central, Cerro (Chile)
Tres Cruces Sur, Cerro (Argentina/Chile)
Tromen (Argentina)
Tungurahua (Ecuador)
Tunupa (Bolivia)
Tupungato (Argentina/Chile)
Turrialba (Costa Rica)
Twin, North (ID) (Basin and Range)
Twin, South (ID) (Basin and Range)
Twins, The (Cascades)

Ubinas (Peru)
Uncompahgre Peak / Uncompaghre Caldera (Basin and Range)
Unzen (Fugen-dake) (Japan)
Uturuncu (Bolivia)

Veladero NE (Argentina)
Verde, Cerro (El Salvador)
Vesuvius (Italy)
Viboras, Las (Guatemala)
Viento, Volcán del (Argentina)
Vicuñas, Cerro (Chile)
Vijuchinskij (Kamchatka)
Villarrica (Chile)
Vulcan Volcano (Basin and Range)
Vulkan/Ka-er-daxi (Kunlun Group) (China)

Washington (Cascades)
Welirang (Indonesia)
West Elk Peak (Basin and Range)
Whaleback, The (Cascades)
White Island (Whakaari) (New Zealand)
White Mountain (ID) (Basin and Range)
Wife, The (Cascades)

Yamsay Mountain (Cascades)
Yanamauras, Cerro (Peru)
Yasur (Vanuatu)
Yellowstone (Idaho/Hotspot)
Yeloxochtl (Mexico)
Yoran (Cascades)
Yoran, South Mt. (Cascades)

Zacate Grande (Honduras)
Zunil (Guatemala)

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BLong - Sep 8, 2009 11:51 pm - Hasn't voted

Awesome List -- Mexico??

Great work compiling this list! It is obvious that you have put a ton of work into in. One suggestion is to change Mexico's heading from "Central America." With the locations listed alphabetically, putting Mexico in with Central America is confusing, because Mexico is not part of Central America, it is part of North America. Again, great work on an excellent list!


Baarb - Sep 9, 2009 1:04 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Awesome List -- Mexico??

Glad you appreciate it. The reasoning behind the current structure is that the first section is done by geological location. Mexico's prolific volcanoes as I'm sure you know are a result of the Cocos plate subducting along its western margin, as is the case for the rest of Central America. This subduction region terminates at its north end with the Baja rift zone, and at its south end around the Costa Rica/Panama border. Mexico's northern volcanoes in Sonora etc are more part of the Basin and Range formation, but given that there is only one example of this on SP I lumped it in with the rest. I shall certainly put some more thought into how this page could be better organised, thanks for your suggestions.


BLong - Sep 9, 2009 1:35 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Awesome List -- Mexico??

Great point Baarb, that makes a lot of sense. I actually don't know that much regarding the geology of the volcanoes. Thanks for the brief lesson.


davebobk47 - Jan 13, 2010 3:19 pm - Voted 10/10

Ortiz Mtns

Have you looked into the Ortiz Mountains just east of the Sandia Crest in NM. They once formed an old volcano and are very similiar in nature to nearby Mt Taylor. The highest point in the Ortiz Mountains is Placer Moutain. http://www.summitpost.org/album/576746/My-HDR-Image-Photography.html Hope this helps and thanks for putting together this great page.


Baarb - Jan 26, 2010 9:15 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Ortiz Mtns

Hadn´t yet, thanks for bringing it up, I´ve now added it to the page.

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